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How To Get Every NPC

Terraria or Minecraft

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Hello i'm gonna be explaining how to unlock every npc in terraria i know there's a lot of threads and videos about this but i'm doing this anyway.

The Guide: Starting A New World
Gives tips on to get various npcs and tips to help you survive
Difficulty: Very Easy

Merchant: Player(s) in the world has 50 coins if died the same requirements have to be done again
Sells Random Basic Good for people starting out (really only useful if you started out)
Difficulty: Very Easy

Nurse: Use a Life Crystal and the Merchant is Present
Heals the Player if hurt (once again really on useful for starting out)
Diffculty: Easy

Demonlitionsit: You Have to have a explosive in your inventory and the merchant is present (Bomb Fish won't count)
Sells Explosives (Actually can be useful at times)
Difficulty: Very Easy

Dye Trader: A player have to acquires a dye item or a random item that's used to make dye or acquire a strange plant.
Sells Dye and
Difficulty: Easy

Dryad: A boss is defeated other than King Slime,Lepus and Wall Of Flesh
Sells Nature Items and tells status of Crimson/Corruption and Hallow
Difficulty: Easy

Tavernkeep: Eater Of Worlds or Brain Of Cthulha is defeated and found in the spoken to.
Sells Items that prepare and summons the Old Army's event. Unlike the other NPC's most of the items sold by him cost defender medals
Difficulty: Hard (The reason is because trying to find him is difficult.

Arms Dealer: A Player has a bullet(s) or a gun in there inventory
Sells items like guns,bullets and gun parts.
Difficulty: Easy

Stylist: Found in a cave of Spoken of a spider nest
Sells hair dyes changes the player hair
Difficulty: Normal

Painter: Acquired 7 NPC's (in the 3ds edition it's 4 npcs)
Sells Paints,Painting Tools and Painting

Angler: Found in the Spoken to Ocean Biome
Gives the player a quest and rewards the player for completing the quest
Very Easy

Goblin Tinkerer: The Goblin Invasion is defeated and founded in a spoken to in the Cavern Layer
Sells the Tinker Workshop and can Reforge items to be good or bad
Difficulty: Normal

Witch Doctor: Queen Bee is Defeated
Sells fountains,a blowgun and imbuing station
Difficulty: Normal

Clothier: Skeletron is Defeated
Sells Vanity Items
Difficulty: Easy

Mechanic: Skeletron is defeated and found in the dungeon
Sells Mechanical items
Difficulty: Easy

Party Girl: Acquiring 13 NPC's
Sells Party items and things that can summon the Party Item
Difficulty: Normal

Santa Claus: The Frost Region is Defeated
Sells the Santa outfit,christmas tree,colored lights and decorations for christmas trees.
Difficulty: Easy

Hardmode NPC's

Wizard: The Wall Of Flesh is defeated and found in the spoken to of the Cavern Layer.
Sells Mana based ingredients that
Difficulty: Normal

Truffle: The Wall Of Flesh is defeated and a house is built above ground for only a mushroom biome
Sells Mushroom themed items
Difficulty: Normal

Tax Collector: A Tortured Soul from hell is transformed with purification powder in the underworld.
Collects Tax from the other NPC's (The Wall of flesh is defeated)
Difficulty: Normal

Pirate: The Pirate Invasion is defeated.
Sells Pirate themed items
Difficulty: Easy

Steampunker: Any Mechanical boss is defeated
Sells mechanical items such as Clentaminator,Jet pack you name it.
Difficulty: Easy

Cyborg: Plantera is Defeated
Sells rockets,mine launchers and nanites
Difficulty: Hard

Santa Claus: The Frost Region is Defeated
Sells the Santa outfit,christmas tree,colored lights and decorations for christmas trees.
Difficulty: Easy

Other NPC'S

Traveling Merchant: Vists every randomly during morning hours of the day from 4:30 - 12:00 in game time. He comes once 2 npc's are present
Each day he comes back he has a new unique items
Difficulty: Very Easy

Skeleton Merchant: Found Randomly Underground
Sells basic items and sells other stuff that's only obtainble by him
Difficulty: Normal

Any New Npc's come out then I will edit this thread

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