Xbox One How to get truffle worms easy (NO AFK WAITING)

Discussion in 'Console Guides' started by akrobeau, Nov 15, 2017.


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  1. akrobeau

    akrobeau Skeletron Prime

    First, clear out a (about) a 150 block wide and about 50 block high box. Then, at the bottom, place a 101 block long line of mud blocks 2 blocks above the ground. Plant mushroom grass seeds on the mud blocks. At the top, make a box of any blocks. In there place a water candle. Then, check on the makeshift mushroom biome (THIS ALL MUST BE CAVERN LEVEL) and you can see at least one truffle worm ( if not, try again) there. Hope this helps?
  2. The Storyteller

    The Storyteller Terrarian

    This will definitely help people without the time and/or resources to build a semi/fully AFK Truffle Worm farm.
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  3. akrobeau

    akrobeau Skeletron Prime

    Forgot to mention this works best in a jungle biome.
  4. pro gamer

    pro gamer Terrarian

    I’ll try it
  5. akrobeau

    akrobeau Skeletron Prime

    It doesn’t work as well in 1.3 because enemies can now kill truffle worms
  6. pro gamer

    pro gamer Terrarian

    Oh dang it