How to make Efficient NPC Homes

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Skeletron Prime
When I see People build homes you can Make a efficient home or a nice looking home.
This guide is built to Help People build NPC house's to be super efficient (and Nice looking If you have the Resources)
I will begin by telling you how to build and the Materials Required to do It, then Where you should put your home and How to access your NPC's.
Also Sentences like this "Try Mixing up Cool Designs if you want too" with blue Text mean they are Optional. and Red text is a Recommended thing to do

The House

- Materials
  • 29 Blocks
  • 30 Walls
  • 3 Platforms
  • 1 Lamp
  • 1 Comfort Item
  • 1 Workbench
- Building

Step - 1
Start it off By Placing all 29 blocks and 1 platform Like this.(it is 5x12)
If you did not know, Platforms count as Doors
Capture 2017-09-08 16_17_24.png

Step - 2
Then you add your 30 Walls to the home.
Try Mixing up Cool Designs if you want too.
Capture 2017-09-08 16_18_05.png

Step - 3
You place your Lantern on either of the top 2 Blocks for Lighting.
Then Hammer the platform till it Looks Like the Picture
Capture 2017-09-08 16_18_33.png

Step - 4
Add your Comfort Item (I suggest Chairs instead of a Couch/Sofa) (Chair, Bed etc.) and Workbench placed on you last 2 Platforms
You may now Decorate your Home
Capture 2017-09-08 16_19_23.png

Where do I place It and how do I access it?

a Forest might be a Good Idea, but I suggest placing your home in the Sky where Wyverns will not Spawn but not on the Forest Floor.
Make a 3 block Deep hole Below your House or if on the Sky like my Suggestion You would access Them through the Bottom like this.
Capture 2017-09-08 17_04_55.png

That is a good Example but In hardmode Wraiths can pass though blocks, however they can not fly in Thin Air, Quoted from Wiki - Wraiths appear to be flying, however within empty space they can only hover slightly off the ground. They can only fly upwards when they have foreground blocks to "swim" through. If a house is Raised 8 Blocks above the Ground Wraiths cannot Swim into It, making it Valuable to have a House like This
Capture 2017-09-08 17_15_16.png

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I usually replace all the blocks with platforms with the exception of one block on the bottom middle because NPCs need one block to stand on. It might be more vulnerable but is less for materials so yeah... Nice guide though!
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