How to make NPC stay at the top of the house?


Okey i feel kind of stupid, but I cant figure this out :D

How do I make a minimal (but still valid) house so that the npc is at the top during the night like the red stick figure?

I realize now that the table needs one solid block under it... but the house on the right will not work unless I put the circled solid block on the bottom.. and then the npc will be standing on the bottom again.. -__-

Not sure if this is the right place for this post.. Hope its okey to post it here :)
if your are fine with a width of 4 (bottom right) you can replace the circled block with a normal platform and also add a platform (or block) on top, so the NPC has 3 tiles where he can stand on (the mid block need to be solid). The table can also stand on top of a platform. You need to place it at bottom or add some (2) torches on top (not above wood block) to get a valid flat score.
The 3rd flat in bottom row should also work if e.g. you replace the workbench to bottom and remove the top torch and place one torch to the right and one left. The NPC don't like stuff in mid of his resting position. I did some detailed post about this:
There is still some bug with doors. It should get fixed in next update.
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Thank you for the insight Unftf, and for link for more informative post! Its surprisingly hard to build very small valid houses. I still think there must be some unidentified black magic working in the background... That would explain why some houses just don't work no matter how valid they look :'D
They fixed it with 1.3.5 update it was total broken before. If you like you can view the linked threads in link above.
Now you can at least compute it quite easy. So no magic anymore, just math :).
For some reason I could not add pictures in top post anymore, so here they are:

I'm also looking for small flats but with storage and crafting items as well to create a compact base. Would be happy if you can share some of your small buildings :)
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Ah thats a good looking single house :)
And I would share my builds if I actually had anything I could call my own and something that would actually look nice xD I tend to copy/modify lot of builds I see online. And also im not very artistic so my builds rather boring. There are so many talented ppl out here always doing something amazing, cant really compare :)
[doublepost=1509147126,1509146508][/doublepost]Actually here is a base im pretty happy with... Its nothing too special and not all that compact but im happy with the result anyway ^^
It's the same you did above (3rd bottom row), I just replaced some furniture. Don't need to have artistic quality, just need to be small and effective :)
I always use this for my base, I know its not what you said. But I don't know if this may help you out, It works, so if you have them stacked, you can still talk to the one under you. You can have them side by side like this,
or have them singular like this
I hope this may have helped =P
Hi BlueJay_TGaming! If this design works from the top as well as from bottom I think its awesome! :D Thanks for sharing ^^ I already build my base based on Sergos suggestion though... But your build is really nice also! Gonna keep it in mind for future reference ;)
Ohh boy here goes a super necro but any chance I could get some advice on forcing the NPCs to the top of the cells in the below image? I have tried quite a few things but it refuses to work.
Currently top has a housing score of 10. At bottom 40 points.
If you move the star lantern (Star in a Bottle) one block to the left the top flat has a score of 50 and the NPC should move there.

Here a link how to compute the score:
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