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  1. Spoonlordu

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    -NEVER SKIP MAIN BOSSES!!! (or your world wont work correctly)( Includes Skeletron, Plantera, Etc....):islime:
    -GET AS MANY NPC's (they will help you):lslime:
    -make a sturdy and safe house for yourself, and for your npc's:pslime:
    - Use potions and arena buffs while fighting:yslime:
    - Always be ready for battle! :D
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  2. The Storyteller

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    Pretty much sums it up, good on ya for making a post that'll help others.
  3. Sockmonkey367

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    Not gonna lie, i dislike using potion buffs

    But im fine with using things like heart lanterns or camp fires.
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  4. Spoonlordu

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    same, but when i have to, i use flasks and phos.