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Mobile [How to] Terraria Mobile 1.3 Transfer Characters From PC to Android

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I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but I thought about continuing my PC version games on android, as this latest update makes everything very similar, I will create a tutorial on how to transfer your character to android.

First you need to locate your character normally in your terraria folder on your pc, it a .plr file with your character name, like this:

Then you need to go in this site Terrasavr, web-based Terraria profile editor, load your player clicking on "Load Player", and Change Format to 1.3.0

Now saves your .plr file clicking on "Save Player", and copy in the respective Players folder as seen here, just dont put it in OldSaves and reload your game.

Thats it, now your players work on mobile too.
Edit: Let it be clear that I do not encourage modifying anything other than the format (Just for playing purpose), and as stated below this is not supported by the developers.
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Skeletron Prime
How do reformat the worlds to work with mobile?
I don’t think there are things for that out there, you either transfer 1.4 world(which would get rid of 1.4 things) and see if it works, for me I would just wait until 1.4 comes out on mobile.
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