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Pixel Art Huzbubber's Sprite Collection

Soo, do you like it? Also, what can I improve on?

  • I like it!

    Votes: 81 67.5%
  • I think it’s ok.

    Votes: 18 15.0%
  • I HATE IT.

    Votes: 5 4.2%
  • Nothing to be worked on.

    Votes: 14 11.7%
  • Shading

    Votes: 26 21.7%
  • Design

    Votes: 19 15.8%
  • Color palettes

    Votes: 14 11.7%
  • Some other thing I didn’t think of.

    Votes: 9 7.5%
  • It all needs work.

    Votes: 17 14.2%
  • By choosing this option you officially pledge your life to almighty Borf.

    Votes: 35 29.2%

  • Total voters

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Quick small stuff dump

Stellar Ebullition.png
The Iris.png
Glacial Hypoxemia.png
Cardboard Sign.png
Agarthan Brick Item.png
Agarthan Brick.png

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
The flag is cool but DAMN! That is a bow and half, how did you come up with this?
I’m making an end game set of items for a mod I’m making and want them all to be super over the top, so for the bow I made the basic shape and then added a bunch of extra connection points and parts to make it look complex. After that I added three strings and cranked out the shading last night. Glad you like it!
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