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Hybrid classes, unarmed fighter class and more optional class beginnings.


So, I've played Terraria quite a bit, yet there is a problem I found is that it's difficult transitioning between classes, so why not make a hybrid class mechanic. The jungle armour is the closest I can come to on this, but I think more could be done.
Honeybee staff; instead of summoning a creature to damage your opponents, it summons a harmless bee to fly offscreen and bring hearts to your player, right clicking another player will allow it to bring hearts to them instead. This would be a passive summoning item that could be increased with summoning gear, but allow for the player to use another class more effectively instead or even use aggressive summon monsters at the same time, thus, multiclassing can occur.
Swand; In the words of a character from Legend of Zelda, Link between worlds, "A sword that fires a beam? Isn't that more like a wand?" A sword with an even more powerful beam that does magic damage could be made, but it costs mana. This could be used with melee and magic as the melee fighter would have a powerful ranged strike for a limited amount of time and the mage could have a powerful magic item which also allows for a close up strike.

Just as a small note, if the player begins with a copper shortsword, why not also give them a wand of sparking (or amethyst staff), a copper shortbow (or a blowgun) and a weak summoning item? Or let them choose at the beginning (could mean an amethyst robe to begin with for mages) At the moment, everyone starts with melee and trying to use other classes early on can be a pain.

I would also like to see the throwing class everyone has been pining for. Perhaps boomerangs and yoyos could become throwing weapons?

I also thought of an unarmed class that performs unarmed strikes, but can use the mana bar to buff themselves for a limited time for example, a fire fist buff could allow them to strike with incendiary ability, thus performing extra damage over time. Another idea is style switching. What I mean is, you could decide with some kind of mechanic "I'm set to punching, now I'll switch to grappling, this time it's kicking (slower than punching, but higher damage)" this could be combined with your levelling system to create quite a formidable character that will need to be up close and personal (pack those iron skin potions) and would probably need to install things in their upgrade areas like dodging abilities and HP increases.

I would also like to see the throwing class everyone has been pining for. Perhaps boomerangs and yoyos could become throwing weapons?


WOW, this was posted a LONG time ago. This idea didn't get the publicity it deserved. I'm all in favor.
fine lets throw the dog a bone then. What could it do its harm against the monster anyway?

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