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PS4 I am confused, but happy.

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by Lord Homicide, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Lord Homicide

    Lord Homicide Terrarian

    Hello, all. I've been playing Terraria for 3 years now on console, since I never got used to the PC's controls, and have been patiently awaiting the 1.3 update, passing the time by making all of my characters as strong as possible. However, something incredibly strange has recently happened, and I felt I should post it here.

    This morning, I joined a Terraria PS4 community, because I wanted to play online with some people. Within a mere minute of waiting, a player joined. Then another. Then another. I eventually had about seven or so players in-game, when one of them asked me for a magic mirror. Having stockpiled on them for no real reason, I happily obliged. In return, he gave me three Warding Red's Wings; items that shouldn't even exist on console yet. He gave me a few other items in return before leaving, along with the other six or so players. Confused but happy, I left the game and restarted it in offline mode to farm some bones and souls, as the character I had been using at the time still had to kill Skeletron Prime. I farmed my souls of light and went to farm some souls of night. Fortunately for me, I had a spider's nest in my underground corruption, which made it extremely easy to farm. This is when things got really strange. While farming, I noticed the bound stylist. I was able to understand one of the earlier players using an inventory editor, but the fact that I was witnessing an NPC that shouldn't even exist on console was something else entirely. I interacted with her but forgot to get a picture, so she died within the next few minutes.

    I later decided to build a house to see if she would spawn, and she did. This time, however, I got a video. The video can be viewed here. If you wish to see an image of the aforementioned wings, they can be found here. It's like I'm playing on a pre-1.3 PC build.

    So yeah, that happened. Allow me to make it clear that I'm not at all upset; as a matter of fact, I'm incredibly happy. I'm just looking for some kind of an explanation.
  2. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi there, welcome to the forums. :)

    The Red's Wings that you got were hacked in at some point, either by the people that gave them to you, or by someone else who then gave them to the people who gave them to you. They aren't supposed to be on Console yet. They are hacked items.

    You'll be able to get legitimate Red's Wings ( and his entire armor set) from treasure bags in the 1.3 update. They have a small chance to drop from hardmode bosses.

    The explanation for the Stylist is easy. She was included in the 1.2.3 update. Not the 1.3 update. :)
  3. MBraderz

    MBraderz Skeletron Prime

    The stylist was introduced in patch 1.2.4 (forget which part either part 1 or 2 I dunno it was Engines mess) but originally 1.2.3 for PC

    Anyways, Info can be found about her here:

    Don't worry your game isn't bugged everything is normal, well, apart from the Reds Wings
    "You shouldn't have those" :p

    Dammit you're Just too quick @Unit One lol

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  4. MoeHolyGhost

    MoeHolyGhost Terrarian

    Nothing was "hacked"
    Red's wings
    Gravity globe
    Steampunk wings
    And other various unobtainables were able to be produced in game through one of the few useful bugs that came out of the god awful game breaking all worlds deleting crap storm of an update that engine unleashed upon the community with the 1.2 launch.

    Red's armor, for instance, was available as decoration if anyone was unlucky enough to stick their dragon armor on a mannequin before 1.2 hit consoles. Sadly though it disappeared upon trying to remove the pieces from the mannequin.

    There's a major difference between people hacking in items and trying to make the best of a bug infested update.
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  5. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Oh yes, they could've been glitched/bugged in through the awful 1.2 piggy bank glitch. The point I was making to Lord Homicide is that there hasn't been a 1.3 leak into his game, which, from his post, he seemed to be wondering about.
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  6. ShadowOfDarkness

    ShadowOfDarkness Spazmatism

    1.3 does not add any Town NPCs, however, 1.3.4 adds The Old Ones Army Event, which apparently has a ton of Town NPCs. (Haven't played it, my computer can't handle it.)
  7. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    1.3 added the Tax Collector. :)
  8. ShadowOfDarkness

    ShadowOfDarkness Spazmatism

  9. AstralWolf03

    AstralWolf03 Terrarian

    There's the Tavernkeep aswell
  10. ShadowOfDarkness

    ShadowOfDarkness Spazmatism

    That's 1.3.4, the Old One's Army Update, which we weren't including when we said "1.3" but Unit One is correct, Tax Collector is