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I am making a comprehensive Terraria and Minecraft comparison, and I need your help


Official Terrarian
I just finished making my 2800+ words long comparison (if you don't believe me there's an attachment in this thread that you can check) of Terraria and Minecraft (why not?) and I need your help to polish it before release (i will post it here and in the Forums | Planet Minecraft Community)
I am terrible at grammar. I really need your help :<

I have also attached the zip file that contains the .docx and .pdf files (it is password protected, you cant open it unless i want you to (ask me to let you edit the file))

thanks in advance mwahh

wait wrong screenshot

edit #2:
updating the zip :> and the minecraft forum link owo


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I might be able to proofread your comparison but if someone says something like “I have an English major and I can help you” that’s your best bet.
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