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PC I buy kites and minecarts


Kites for money or items
Trading Item Type
Mob Drops/Trophies/Banners
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Misc Accessory
EDIT: Moved to PC - Selling/exchanging tonnes of items and rares.

1 platinum each, negotiable. If you'd like to trade for an item instead, give me a heads up and I might have it.

Here's a list of the ones I'm looking for:
-Blue and Yellow
-Red and Yellow
-Corrupt Bunny
-Crimson Bunny
-Blue Jellyfish
-Pink Jellyfish
-Bone Serpent

-World Feeder
-Sand Shark
-Angry Trapper


Additionally, I need 2 one Star Wraths and a Lunar Portal Staff. I can do a 1:1 trade for any other Moon Lord drop, except the SDMG. I'm usually online from 20:00-4:00 UTC
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Official Terrarian
Thanks so much for an awesome trade ++ Rep!


Original Message:

Hi BigBanana,

I currently have the following kites on offer:
  • Blue Jellyfish
  • Pink Jellyfish
  • Sandshark (several)
  • Pigron
  • Bone Serpant
  • Spectrum
  • Unicorn
  • Universal pylon

I also have the following minecarts available for trade:
- Desert.

I'm interested in trading for the following:
  • Ale Tosser
  • Exotic Scimitar
  • Wisp Dye (plain)
  • Alternatively I can give you 2 kites for a strange plant (5 for 2 strange plants).
If can give you a Lunar portal staff for a Meowmere if you have spare.

Thanks again!
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Since this section is dedicated to one-time transactions, I will be moving this to the Terraria Shops section as an expanded post. Apologies to the moderation team.
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