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IC I Choose You! (IC)

Rainbow Dash Ketchum

Skeletron Prime
“No, it wasn’t.”
*Though Zoe doesn’t feel that cold through her thick clothes, and
Asher’s Vampfire is flying next to him, and it’s heating up the small area around it*


“Maybe we should like…get out of here?”
the snow would pick up until it’s close to a blizzard. A pair of Piercing yellow eyes would be able to be seen through all of the snow.


The eyes come dashing forward at startiling speeds and something incredibly sharp slices through the Boulder.


@Champion Greninjoid They eyes swiftly dodges it and slices the Ryperior with a quick and mighty slash of one of it’s blades. It’s now identifiable as a unique Froslass, sporting two blades made of Ice, and marked with an X shaped scar across it’s face.
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