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I officially married to empress of light (video)


@Acrooo, I combined about four of your threads into one here. Please keep all of your “Empress marriage” posts/videos to this one thread. I left the thread in the Suggestion section alone, but if you want to post about your Empress marriage it needs to stay contained in either this thread, the Suggestion thread, or on your own profile. No more threads please.

Send me a private message HERE if you have any questions.
It is weird to see mod don’t delete this post, I’m not asking for deletion, I am just saying is this official then?! Also sry I forgot to merge all my post into one when commenting

Unit One

Staff member
This is getting tiring. Enough with discussing who doesn’t like who. If that is the only thing that this topic is going to bring - discussing dislike of other people - then this topic isn’t going to be something that we want on these forums.

Stop bringing up hate and dislike for other members as a topic to talk about. That goes for both “sides”.
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