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I said Hi.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Can I Get Uhhh, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. You're asking everyone that...
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  2. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    Nah I don't roll backwards lol
  3. XxMakeItRainxX

    XxMakeItRainxX Plantera

    Hai bae
  4. aWolfen

    aWolfen Terrarian

    That font color's really going to screw with me and actual links.
    Anyways hi.
  5. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    The usual term is "I don't roll that way". But since I'm not usual I say " I don't roll backwards" instead.
  6. XxMakeItRainxX

    XxMakeItRainxX Plantera

    Ohhhhhhhh...... Ok :)
  7. I never agreed to be 'bae'.
  8. XxMakeItRainxX

    XxMakeItRainxX Plantera

    They never do hehehehe
  9. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    Hello, Elixir Soda! Nice to know you're not grape juice, I would have thought you were!
  10. Tsuki

    Tsuki Terrarian

    What do you taste like?

    Also, welcome.

    Also, what do you taste like?
  11. XxMakeItRainxX

    XxMakeItRainxX Plantera

    He tastes like strawberries
  12. neko

    neko Plantera

    hello ^^

    hope you will enjoy your time here on the forum :3

    removing the g from grape is always fun (;
  13. XxMakeItRainxX

    XxMakeItRainxX Plantera

    Want to be mai friend? ;D
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