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Xbox One Iateglu shop

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by Iateglu, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Iateglu

    Iateglu Terrarian

    Hey I'm starting a trading post in where you place an order (tell me what you want and how much in game money you will buy it for) and I get it for you ASAP I may decide I don't want coins and I will ask for an item instead usually ammo and/or weapons

    Please post a reply saying what you want and how much in game money you'll be willing to spend also please add what item you would give for it

    Here's an example
    Hi iateglu just wondering if you could get me the blade of grass for my terra blade I will spend 3 gold and 25 silver for your time if you don't want coins I would be happy to give you a musket plus 100 bullets

    Please keep your prices and requested items reasonable I'm not going to get you 999 dirt for 20 copper coins or one tin bar

    Sincerely, iateglu

    Ps my GT is iateglu
  2. TheIceRage

    TheIceRage Terrarian

    Truffle worm 2pp each?
  3. Chriller95

    Chriller95 Terrarian

    I’ll buy the Ankh Charm or:

    Trifold Map

    I have 4 platinum coins and full titanium armor + some hardmode Weapons
  4. CrimWolf05

    CrimWolf05 Terrarian

    Do u have truffle worms I have platinum coins or reindeer bells if u want them
  5. MongoloidChuck

    MongoloidChuck Terrarian

    Lucky coin

    Name your price

    Will trade any item you could be wanting

    Gamertag is MongoloidChuck
  6. BogusQuade

    BogusQuade Terrarian

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a cellphone, a rod of discord, halloween goodie bags and a drill containment unit.Ill pay 300 platinum or give you what ever you want. My gamertag is BogusQuade
  7. Pj Crenshaw

    Pj Crenshaw Terrarian

    I'm willing to trade a ruthless Terra blade for literally anything that does a lot of damage, my get is ID Cr3nshxw.
  8. Speicymarie

    Speicymarie Terrarian

    Hi! I'm looking to buy halloween goodie bags and/ or an unlucky yarn. I can offer most treasure bags ( including moon lord and duke fishron ) and platinum ( I currently have 200, make me an offer ! ) my gamertag is Speicymarie
  9. Bones Mcgee

    Bones Mcgee Terrarian

    I'm looking for a lihzarhd altar and i will pay 1 platinum coin

    Gamertag SafeGoldfish627