Icicle Chain (lategame flail/boomerang/waterbolt type weapon)

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  1. Oilura

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    Icicle Chain
    Icicle Chain.png
    50 melee damage
    25 use time
    Low knockback​

    When used, it throws itself out like a Flail/Whip. When the left mouse button is released, the chain links (icicles) will detach from the flail handle and its other links, turning into projectiles that move in the direction of where it is fired at without being affected by gravity or losing velocity. The projectiles will bounce 5 times before returning to its owner. The chain can be re-fired before its links/icicles return to its owner.

    Dropped by Ice Queen.
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  2. Oilura

    Oilura Terrarian

    No. It is a hyperactice Waterbolt that just happens to be able to be used as a flail. It isn't affected by gravity, it will keep moving until it hits 5 blocks or the edge of the map, etc.
  3. Oilura

    Oilura Terrarian

    What if it shoots 10 icicles at once that pierces infinitely (which it does)?
  4. Oilura

    Oilura Terrarian

    Water Bolt pierces infinitely AND bounces 5 times. You should try it.
  5. Oilura

    Oilura Terrarian

    K i nerfed damage and use time. I just don't want it to deal 1 damage.

    Besides, Water Bolt is 'cost free' once you get mana potions, since Potion Sickness hardly does anything to Water Bolt.
  6. Baconfry

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    Piercing actually reduces its effectiveness somewhat, due to the mechanics... if the spread is quite random, I don't see it being overpowered. If it turns out to be OP anyways, we could reduce the projectile count.

    It's original and I like it. I want to see this work.
  7. Zoruark

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    Hmmmm... This seems interesting and is good for killing BUT is a bit overpowered. But overall I like it. :)
    Here is a sprite:
    Icicle Chain.png
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  8. Oilura

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