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(Idea) Soul Mechanics

Discussion in 'Terraria Discussion Groups' started by Chazm, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Chazm

    Chazm Skeletron Prime

    Although the Souls are not quite finished, I have thought of a way to make them not so powerful overtime.
    Each of the 11 stats will give a certain amplification to the killer of x/100 souls. (Example: For 100 souls got by killing enemies, amplify Charisma by 100/100%, and Intelligence 100/50%.(100 being souls value, or x))
    Souls work like Dungeon Spirits, a 1/10 chance for the mob to spurt out a soul is given, and if killed will give it's monsters soul value. (I recommend using a scale of 1-20, but don't go any higher than 25.) The souls are also about 3 times as powerful as the normal monster, so you'll need to try hard to get Souls.
    You will have to be 20 levels higher than the mob, and only special bosses will drop Souls. (e.g Reverse Bosses, Mechanical Bosses)
    Don't kill me if you don't like the idea, Nakano.
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  2. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    I think instead being tanky, the souls should try and run away.
    Would make it more fun!
  3. rafaelx1bm2

    rafaelx1bm2 Official Terrarian

    There is alredy plans for the souls system which only rangerofthewest knows, he went missing a few days ago and I forgot how the system of souls was supposted to work.
    That idea might be a bit... mobifier level of things.
    Stats increasing based on the ammount of souls could be a bit brutal as until you reach the end game you will have a lot a real lot of souls and that would give a really big ammount of stats for just grinding the same mobs.
    The thing about mobs being 3 times more powerful gets into a problem mobifiers did have for example Bosses being 3 times more powerful (Note: Every boss drop the same souls with a trully large chance, I think 100% actually, soo farming Eye of Chtullu would give you a lot of stats) and other stronger monsters suddenly one-hitting you extremely easily because you didn't expected him to be much stronger.
  4. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Official Terrarian

    I guess this is suitable for ranger...
    Also, about "Don't kill me if you don't like the idea, Nanako." i would only do if you keep mispelling my nickname.
  5. Shaedric

    Shaedric Plantera

    Nanako sounds like a anime name, like "Nanako-san, look out!"
    Edit: Found out it is mostly a feminine name.
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  6. Chazm

    Chazm Skeletron Prime

    Damnit. Guess I just got that today, narrow miss with a lorry. Sorry Nakano!
  7. Chazm

    Chazm Skeletron Prime

    I did say that it would only effect certain things. Let me update: Bosses will not be affected.