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if you could have 1 item in terraria in real life what would it be?


Eye of Cthulhu
Fire Gauntlet
and the Terrarian
Real Terrarian.png

Listed these two as one is an accessory and the other a weapon.
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Official Terrarian
From base Terraria I'd love to have Terraspark boots for lava immunity, the ability to run 34mph, the ability to run on all liquids, and some flight
If we count calamity then give me Celestial Tracers all the way, I mean who doesn't want a ton of flight, the ability to run 61 miles per hour and all that good stuff that come with the Terraspark boots


Official Terrarian
Celebration Mk 2 would be a fun item to use against an army, the enemy will either die from the explosions, epilepsy, or laughter
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