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if you could have 1 item in terraria in real life what would it be?


Official Terrarian
But it doesn't do anything else. Is it possible that I am failing to see how it would work?
If you don't want to drive home or pay for transport use the mirror. If you're stuck somewhere, use is. And if you want you can sell the idea of instant transportation for BILLIONS




Official Terrarian
Suspicious looking tentacle.
1) it would point me towards nearby riches, like dropped pennies or a random gemstone stuck in the mud or something
2) it would allow me to know if there are any dangerous people nearby, so I can be prepared to run/protect myself beforehand
3) it looks adorable
4) imagine everyone's reaction if they see someone walk with a giant, teal, floating glowing eyeball following them
5) never need flashlights or lamps again! Save electricity!
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