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If you could have any Terraria item in real life...


bottomless water bucket.

solve world thirst
The world doesn't lack water, it's just not distributed well enough for everyone.

I'd also go for a Rod Of Discord. I'd teleport where I want.
Since RoD only works where you can click on the screen would you only be able to teleport to a place you can see? Also, beware the debuff. :nursenaughty:

I would take daybloom seeds. Tons of potions to make and I can already find everything else. :happy:


I am going to have to say the moon shell. Turning into a Merman to explore the oceans would be epic. Might even be able to really find Nessy. As for becoming a werewolf at night that is basically a 365 day a year Halloween costume to mess with people :) and if you get a werewolves power you only have to really fear silver bullets right? Sounds good to me all around. That or the drill mount cause that seems hella fun.


shiny stone(by which i mean golem treasurebag)

unless i wanna go for a specific modifier with that...is making it warding arcane or quick worth the loss of...what else is in that bag? 12 gold, some super tough beetle shells, maybe weapons, maybe critchance, maybe pickaxe, maybe sunstone?

mask is pointless, lack resources to make use of husks, doubt i'd use the weapons eye or pick, could maybe sell the pick. would wear the sunstone, bit of gold might be nice but kinda meh... would enjoy the movement speed, extra defense is always good, might be interesting to have mana even if i can't spend it.(edit-op claims we already do. full 200 no less/edit)

so basically down to some pocket money and 12.5% chance of sunstone vs picking a modifier... don't suppose somebody'd ask for a picksaw(or whatever) and is willing to wait and see if i got one to trade something else for?
(just say "i want a picksaw, or if pseudoname gets one for me then I'll grab them wings or reindeer or whatever(..does the inventory count as an item? its got some decent capacity and I wouldn't say no to hammerspace)")

EDIT- we get max stack. treasurebags stack. wiki says I'm taking 999 golem bags.

anybody asking for gold I'll double it in exchange for you changing your item to "the inventory" and giving that to me.(if it doesn't count then moneytrough)
or if you're asking for a single golem drop I'll give you 2 of it with the best modifier I roll and a bonus shiny stone in exchange for buying your slot to grab something else for myself(yes, i know theres no reason you can't just grab a stack of treasure bags yourself too.... but maybe?)
Wanna help people? Clorophyte. It spreads on its own just in mud, so it's easily renewable, an it can make tools like drills and chainsaws and whatnot that require no further power, so who knows what other sort of machines it could make that need no power, it would end power shortage and stuff, and it can be made into so many things, and you can just grow more and more.
if nothing else you could always hook a drill to a crank generator and tape down the trigger. use it like an axle from discworld

...too bad the anvil needed to work the stuff is made of materials that don't exist in this world :(

maybe you can partner with somebody? did anybody ask for a specific chlorophyte item? that'd be convenient
Chloprophyte Warhammer
make it an orichalcum anvil instead and the hammer can be arranged.
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bottomless water bucket.

solve world thirst
people stop bothering to purify water. rely solely on the bucket. lacking a sponge sealevels start to rise and the influx of fresh runoff breaks the currents. 30 years later we've got waterworld...and that movie was :red: :( /globalwarmingdoomsayer

a stack of gold to anybody who'll sacrifice their item to give this man a magic sponge
(granted thats probably only about $15540 if copper coins are the size of us pennies but its a decent used car right? i can throw in a miraculous healing pebble)
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