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(IGNORE, I'M DUMB) Player's "slowness" in water disabled at random intervals

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Marcos Moutta

Steam or GOG
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Windows 7
Terraria Version
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Ever since I got the water walking boots, I've been having a weird issue - sometimes when I sink in water, the player doesn't start moving slowly as it should. Sometimes the effect doesn't last much, while on other occasions lasting up to 10 seconds.

Unfortunately the only footage I managed to capture of it is horrible - it happened after the usage of the shield which makes it seem like the glitch is tied to this item but I was having the issue even before I had the shield. It also lasted very shortly in the video, you'd have to know pretty well how fast a character is supposed to move to realize I'm going faster than I should. There's also really loud background Mega Man 3 music. But I guess it's better than nothing.

Not a game breaker but it's annoying for its inconsistency.
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