Serious Im looking for members to join a little thing I am running outside terraria.

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Lets cut to the chase, shall we?
I am currently running a clan/company under the name T.I.C.K (No it isn't an acronym for anything.) I need some members to join it cause yeah that's how :red: works ig.
if your interested just message me at <link removed by staff>
I will message you there with details concerning your role and how to increase rank, as well as what we do and what we are trying to accomplish.
*Ima be fair I think no one is gonna see this lmfao*
Also you need to copy the link, otherwise it takes you to my old :red: outlook acc
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Hello Spiranttick,

As a Forum policy, we don't permit threads for the purpose of advertising. You may share info about the company you are running on your own profile as long as it is within reason and you do not spam profile posts about it. But we can't permit a thread for this activity to take place.

Due to this, we have locked this thread.
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