1. Burnscars

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    In this thread, we share music. You may, if you like, comment on the music you share, or, you may allow the music to speak for itself.

    So, I comment on the above video. The world is ours. The world is ours, and that's all I can say. We share it whether we like to or not.
  2. Hie the Badger

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    A few random picks from my favorites playlist. I listen to a wide variety of music but my favorites tend to be stuff like this.
  3. Prism

    Prism Skeletron Prime

    Two of my favorite chip tracks.
  4. Doylee

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  5. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    Those are quite nice. I added them to favorites.
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  6. Simo ʕ ͡° ᴥ͡°ʔ

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    Two of my favourites in one video :)
  7. The Grunk

    The Grunk Eye of Cthulhu

  8. Shadowice

    Shadowice Skeletron Prime

    i like this song because behind the gangsta sound theirs actually a political message

    similar to the first song but the message is more in your face

    i'm a big fan of the dead kennedys

    because ":red:ing ssssssssslaaaaaayyyyerrrrr"
  9. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    Some more stuff I also listen to:

    Another list of stuff that would be too time consuming to list all of.
  10. Burnscars

    Burnscars Fire Bad

    Season appropriate :)
  11. Kaio

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    Close your eyes for a better experience.
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  12. Shadowice

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    this band has had a huge impact on me both musically and politically most of the bands i currently listen i found through related videos which led to even more bands. i found the political aspect of their songs and music videos relatable which is why there one of my all time favorite bands.
  13. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    Can't forget about Dr Steel.

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  14. Burnscars

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    Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. The day of days is Tomorrow. The day. The day of days. The day. Day alpha, day omega. Day penultimate, day paramount. Day of days, day of spirits, day of reflection. Day of joy, day of fun. Day of days. Day of days. Day of days.
  15. Kiddles

    Kiddles The Destroyer

    Dr.Steel is pretty f***ing epic!

    When people talk about Japanese music, their first thought is generally either Miku Hastune or anime themes.

    My first thought is Hirasawa Susumu.

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  16. Wåterdémon 西瓜

    Wåterdémon 西瓜 Steampunker

  17. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    This seems fitting.
  18. penguin055

    penguin055 Terrarian

    My turn.

    This one's a remix of the previous song, if you couldn't tell

    As you can see, I like Muzzy.
  19. Aurora3500

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    I'd say overall Music has impacted me in a different way compared to other people when I was young. Mainly how I disliked a majority of popular songs possibly because I didn't enjoy the lyrics and thought the Music wasn't interesting. It was when I got into video games that I enjoyed the music from them a ton. Then soon after that, Anime music also became part of Music I love. The music from these mediums of Entertainment have really had a great impact on me I would say, so I will allow the music I post below to speak for itself here on what I listen to regularly and enjoy.

    I really REALLY Love Yuki Kajiura. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't listen to at least one song composed by her.

    Maybe these songs reflect a part of my soul. They were chosen from among the 1,000's of songs from Games/Anime/Movies that I love.
  20. Burnscars

    Burnscars Fire Bad

    By the way, there's this guy.