Mobile Important Information Regarding the Mobile Terraria 1.2.3-4 Update

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hmm...odd. the bug-fix for Amazon was v.1.2.17028, while the current/optimizations update is v.1.2.10333...sorta fishy in my opinion
Ive been thinking this for awhile but after playing PC for awhile (well about 4 months ago) dragon armor destroys beetle armor comparing the defense and melee speed. Heck beetle armor (offensive chest piece) buff scales with hits but youll be around the 2nd and 3rd stages of the buff but dragon armor maintains stats. maybe not as much offense but the big gap in constant melee speed gives it the edge in DPS. But either way beetle armor (defense variant) can be used for tanks at least. But I would go for beetle armor (either) since its more convinient to craft (im lookin at you combined armor pieces and suspicious looking skull)
Offensive Beetle Armor increasees your melee damage and melee speed much more than Dragon Armor, but only when you need it. And remember that Dragon Armor no longer has 77, defense; it was nerfed in the Easter update a few months ago, now it only has 60 defense, and Both Beetle Offensive (61 defense) and Beetle Defensive (73 defense and damage reduction which goes up in a matter of seconds to 45%) have more defense.

Also, I am of the Opinion that Ocram shouldn’t even be in the game. He was invented when the console version was still in 1.1 and was an attempt to create a clear final boss. I think they did a pretty good job, but when 1.2 was released and the game progression continued on to Plantera and Golem, they should have removed him. But what did they do? Instead of removing him from the game, they dramatically overbuffed him, so that in his second form (his first form is way too easy, a pre-hardmode character could survive that) all his attacks including his unavoidable lasers do about 200 damage. I mean, the demon sickles he shoots are a fun challenge to dodge but he just turns around so rapidly that it is nearly impossible to avoid his constant spread of lasers or kill him without self healing or cheesing him through a wall and using something that goes through blocks like the Death Sickle. So instead of making him a post-Plantera class, final boss like Duke Fishron, they made him completely stupid to fight :\. Also his summoning item is WAAAAAAAAAY too expensive.
Yeah in 1.1 you could beat him if you finished him off fast (in about 3 minutes since you could soak damage and heal about 3 times be4 dying) but now just 2 waves of lazers without life leech (EVEN TANKING) will kill you and the worst part, at certain angles the beams go through walls.
[DOUBLEPOST=1445172637,1445172477][/DOUBLEPOST]And as an addon, a simple solution is to make his first form a little threatening while the second form a little more avoidable (maybe fires rapid fire beams in a t or X pattern or even slowly circling him. But reprogramming AI will be difficult and take up time.....Still no titanium alternative to summon him for certain worlds
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Hello everyone-

So, we are hard at work on the Mobile 1.2.3-4 content update now that the promised fixes and initial rebalancing are in your hands - still planned for an October launch.

Along that road, we have news that will affect the small percentage of Terrarians that are still playing on older iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (iOS devices). We wanted to take some time to share what's going on, why, and our plan here in advance so that you can have time to adjust/ask questions/etc.

There are some behind-the-scenes things for newer devices as well, so even if you aren't on an older device, it is important that you read on.

The Update
It’s been more than two years since Terraria launched on the App Store and during this time, we have continued to add new features and content to the game regularly. More new content = bigger worlds = larger save files.

Essentially then, it all comes down to cloud saving and file sizes. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (with iOS 7 or lower), the supported cloud saving system will not work any longer once the new 1.2.3-4 update arrives. If we just push the update down, it will immediately break old cloud saves for all of those devices, meaning you would lose your world/characters and the ability to cloud save any further. We know how important those files are to Terraria players!


The Options
This creates a tough situation, leaving two paths forward each with their pros and cons. Unfortunately, this call has to be made for everyone and cannot be selected individually.
  • Do not release the new content to older devices
    • This keeps existing cloud saves and the ability to cloud save intact for those players
    • Of course, this means that these players will not get all of the new content
    • However, do note that as Terraria continues to update, the RAM requirements will rise as well (because Terraria has to fully load into RAM due to its not being instanced/level-based) - and we are already pushing up against the limits of older 512MB devices.

  • Release the content to everyone and just accept the collateral damage to cloud saves for some users
    • This means everyone gets to enjoy the new content
    • Anyone on an older device would immediately and permanently lose their saves and the ability to cloud save at all.
    • The chaos that would occur with anyone unaware of this announcement would be far worse than "I did not get my update" - again, we know how much saves mean to you guys and how much it hurts to lose them.


The Path Forward
After much deliberation, we have decided to proceed with option one. This means that anyone that is running an iOS 7 or less device will NOT receive the upcoming content update. We just feel that leaving you with a fully functional game, complete with your saves you worked so hard on, is the better ofthe two choices - particularly when we also consider that the RAM limits are quite likely to become a second issue in the near term.

We are truly sorry that this is the case - but we are just limited by what is possible here. That said, the existing game is a solid title and one that is certainly quite enjoyable on those older devices.

For newer devices (iOS 8+), things are more positive, though we have some work to do. Here is how that will play out:
  • Behind the scenes, we will migrate your current saves from the old cloud system over to the “new” CloudKit (which has actually been out since 2014 so we really tried to hold off on this change as long as we could)
  • We will make absolutely certain that everything is working properly - again, we know how important these files are to you all! - before we officially fully shift everything over.
  • We will then decommission the old files.

Important Note About the Use of Multiple Devices

If you own two or more devices, one of which runs an iOS that is no longer supported (iOS7 and below) and one device that is supported (iOS8 and up), and you synch the Terraria save files on the supported iOS 8+ device in the cloud - the save files will be deleted from the older (and no longer supported) iOS 7 device. If you update that device afterwards to iOS8+, you will then be able get access to your saves again.


We realize the situation isn’t ideal but it’s the only way for us to continue to develop new content for the mobile game as technical requirements increase with each update. It is not news that we are happy to bring to you guys, but we feel it is important to be open and transparent with you all. Our hope is that you will understand the issue, agree with our choice, and understand the rationale behind it.

We are certain that you have a ton of questions and thoughts, so we would encourage you to share them here in this thread and we will try to get back to you on those. Thanks, as always for your continued support of Terraria!
[DOUBLEPOST=1445196767,1445196587][/DOUBLEPOST]Will the 1.2.3/1.2.4 update work for 7.1.2 ios ?
Sometimes the crashes work in my favor for cutting my videos short. Too long and the quality suffers lol. So... Silver lining?
Still, i think the crashes are more prevalent in samsung devices, as my Alcatel and nexus handled it just fine. Darn sammy, makes such great but quirky phones lol.
Idk lol just wish it didnt crash so much is all. Still, I love this game and community!

God bless!
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