Improve ranger experience by reworking the loadout system and bait preview feature


For a long time, ranged players have wanted a way to swap ammo types on the fly without needing to open up the inventory in the middle of a fight. Originally, one of the devs said this would be something that would likely have to wait until Terraria 2 to be implemented, but I believe it could be implemented now and relatively simply by taking the armor/accessory loadout system and reworking it to create an ammo loadout system. Create three ammo loadouts (four slots each), but, instead of having an individual keybind for each loadout (three keybinds total), create a single keybind that toggles through the three loadouts in numerical order. Each loadout could then be set up by the player to have, say, a stack of one kind of bullet, one kind of arrow, etc. Whenever the player would want to change ammo types, they would simply need to press the ammo loadout keybind to change their loadout, which would bring up whatever type they placed in the other set of slots. This could even be setup to have a cheesy reloading sound (like a stock gun-cocking sound effect) to provide audible feedback to the user.

Another feature that could improve the ranger experience is the bait preview feature. Currently, when holding any fishing rod, a sprite of the bait that would be used upon casting appears next to the cursor. This could be reworked to show the sprite of the ammo that would be used when holding a particular ranged weapon, whether bullet, arrow, rocket, or whatever. Having this feature would compliment the above-mentioned loadout swapping feature so the player could see exactly which ammo they've swapped to before firing. Even if the ammo loadout feature is too steep of a thing to code, the ammo preview feature would still be useful for the current game.
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