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PC Improved duplication/research quality-of-life


I've been playing journey mode with master mode difficulty set, and so far it's been pretty fun! however, there have been a few gripes about how annoying certain features (or lack thereof) can get at times, especially later in the game. Currently, I feel like the player's research-duplication menu and the players inventory have completely separate functionalities, when in my opinion there should be some form of linkage between the two. As such, I have a list of suggestions that I think would greatly improve the day-to-day of journey mode (including a few more general ones).

duplication menu/research menu
1: making shift-rightclick insert one of an item into your inventory (similar to how right click allows you to get 1 of an item and shift-click allows you to get a stack inserted in your inventory)
2: adding a "clear all researched" and "restock" buttons to the duplication menu. the restock option would work exactly like the restock option does for any storage interface. the clear all researched would get rid of any non-favorited item in your inventory that you have already unlocked duplication of
3: adding an option to automatically erase any researched item and to research items that haven't been yet (on pickup)
4: adding a "research all" button which automatically researches everything in your inventory that you haven't favorited and hasn't been unlocked yet
5: holding a hotkey (such as ctrl) should give you debug information on an item (such as ID, numerical weapon stats, and block hardness)

1: clearing the search bar when right-clicked
2: have an option to automatically defocus the search box whenever you click away from your inventory or the duplication menu
3: allowing user defined groups based on manual addition or filters (such as cost >= 1500, name contains "potion",or category furniture). each player-defined category can be assigned the icon of any researched item.
4: adding sorting functionality
5: adding a blacklist feature that gets rid of an item from any other category and adds it to a special blacklist category

crafting/progression management
1: adding an option to allow players to craft with any duplicatable items (with an optional name/catagory filter)
2: adding an option to disable any item from the recipe browser if it's been researched.
3: adding either a list of every item not researched, or a progress bar to show how many of terraria's items have been researched.

misc suggestions
1: Infection spread should work like a slider similar to enemy difficulty or time scaling (ranging from 0 to some number X times the standard infection spread)
2: showing research progression on items in other places besides the player inventory (mainly shops)
3: time you should be able to control the time of day via a slider instead of only being able to chose between 4 options

if you have any more in a similar vein, or have any questions/comments about my suggestions, don't hesitate to post a reply about it
even if none of these features are added, at least expose journey mode functionality to mods come tmodloader's 1.4 release so these features could be added by others (maybe even me!)


Bump, I've been playing Journey for a while and would really love to see these being a thing, it would be great to have hotkeys and stuff like this, and some minor changes like these would make a big difference!


Bump. These are all insanely useful suggestions and would eliminate a ton of hassle. My biggest gripe is about the search bar. Having a duplication menu search toggle hotkey would be great. I mean, really just custom hotkeys for all Journey mode powers, although I'm sure there will be a mod for that at some point.


they did add more categories, which was a step in the right direction, but given that 1.4.1 was the mast major update, i suspect that these will have to be modded in.
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