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In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

Discussion in 'Terraria Guides' started by Baconfry, May 30, 2018.

  1. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    Thank you for reviewing my guide in such detail!
    This may be true, but I never recommended the Cursed Flames as a bossing weapon. Cursed Flames can be used for mobbing and is decent at it, while the Crystal Storm just doesn’t compare favorably to other single-target weapons like Clockrifle or Ice Sickle. Factors other than DPS dictate a weapon’s usefulness at this stage of the game, chiefly a combination of disruption and crowd control.
    I guess it’s because it doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the tentacles that spawn in stage two? Though even that might be a bit generous, and I know that its DPS doesn’t measure up to the big two (serpent and fracture). Pretty much anything will get you past stage one anyways. Don’t use magic against Plantera.
    I haven’t looked yet, but did I rate knives DPS as 2/5 and piranha as 3/5? That seems like the accurate value to me, so if that’s not what’s written down right now, I’ll change it. Piranha Gun is probably higher because it’s hitting something almost 100% of the time. My ratings are not on a numeric scale, by the way; 3/5 is not 50% better than 2/5. It’s a subjective scale.
  2. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    Increase the safety rating of vamp knives to 5, every stat other that for that thing is below average/average, And a ‘3’ for safety with lifesteal included is pretty inaccurate.
    (3 is for mediocre, isn’t it?)
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  3. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    I can agree, the description of it quite states as if it's a 5/5 for safety. Only reason it's not is it's limited range. Which can be improved a bit with melee speed.

    Even the Piranha Gun has a 5/5 safety. While I find that an doubtful choice as you have to keep holding the gun untill the piranha returned before targetting a different enemy, or using any other Item. (Making autopause tactics not useful)
  4. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    4/5 is usually reserved for weapons with unlimited range, while 5/5 is reserved for weapons that can pierce through walls.
  5. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    All celestial fragment weapons r the same quality, ye barmy bloke just need to know that some r smashing against bosses and some against enemies.

  6. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    I measured the DPS of the Solar Eruption and Nebula Arcanum. They have better DPS against a single target than their counterparts. I am not making this up.
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  7. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    The Daybreak's single target dps is worse, it's meant to be fired 8 times for the debuff then switched out for another weapon... Meanwhile the Nebula Blaze is USELESS compared to the nebula arcanum, it's just SO BAD.
  8. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    Nebula Arcanum's ball isn't good against bosses, it's too slow. It's better for the hordes of monsters yet nebula blaze has a homing projective and a 1/5 chance of dealing triple damage.
    The Daybreak can be good if you're accurate. It also deals more damage p/use than solar eruption and is a lot faster weapon. Through i think this is more of a throwing class weapon than melee.
  9. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    The Nebula Arcanum simply outclasses the blaze, it's projectiles are much more effective because of their massive homing and piercing which just outclasses the blaze in every way. The Blaze simply isn't good enough to compete with literally any item at it's tier, it uses WAY too much mana for how little damage it does.

    Again, it doesn't matter how accurate you are, the eruption has better dps then the daybreak, however the daybreak is still worth using because you can just inflict the debuff then switch to a better weapon which gives the eruption amazingly high dps.
  10. J. Bame 666

    J. Bame 666 Terrarian

    A couple fun facts:
    * Assuming you always get the Blue shot on the Nebula Blaze, its dps is a bit higher than the Blizzard Staff, while being much less mana efficient...
    * The Daybreak with the 800 DoT debuff included is weaker than the Influx Waver. And it's quite a big difference in this case.

    Another thing you have to keep in mind about the Daybreak is that it doesn't inflict a 800 DoT debuff, it inflicts a 100 DoT debuff that reaches 800 after 8 shots. What this means is that by the time you hit 8 spears that pillar enemy will be dead or ML is about to close that eye.

    At least they are both quite accurate, so they are actually good at ML phase two, but if you can figure out how to hit him with the Influx Waver/Blizzard staff while running away then save your fragments for the armors.
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  11. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

  12. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    Look, vamp knives are a special case that makes you take negative damage, ok?
    Another thing is that the vamp knives haves at least 3/5 for dps since you’re supposed to deal a lot of damage, take a lot of damage, and heal a lot of health back.
    Being conservative with the knives lowers its lifesteal, reducing the knives’ purpose and possibly even make it more dangerous than just spamming it in front of enemies.
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  13. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    Homing weapons with slow velocity or odd behavior (Stardust Dragon, Nebula Arcanum, Wasp Gun) now have their accuracy listed as 4/5. Their placement hasn't changed, since the rank I gave them was a reflection of their effectiveness as a whole.

    I also want you guys to have a look at this:
    Aug-15-2019 11-35-06.gif

    Am I going crazy, or is the Queen Spider Staff out-damaging the Ballista Staff? Could we all have been underestimating it this entire time?
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  14. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Is the impact of the Queen Spider ball also doing the damage of all mini spiders inside of it? I see it's damage numbers appearing 2-4 times each shot.
    Difference is difficult to see since the Ballista's helping on the damage too.
  15. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Might be worth, yknow, actual testing. A DPS meter and each one getting a chance would be nice.
  16. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    I gave both sentries 20 seconds each to whale on Plantera, using the Valhalla Knight set with a Shinobi Infiltrator Helmet (3 sentries).

    Queen Spider: 30000 HP --> 22580 HP (7420 damage/20 sec)
    Ballista: 22580 HP --> 16509 HP (6071 damage/20 sec)

    I don't trust the DPS meter for this one, because the Ballista Staff fires so slowly that it doesn't allow the DPS meter to update its value properly. Anyways, at least against Plantera, the results look pretty clear to me.

    One must also consider the inherent advantages of the Queen Spider, as not only does it shoot in the general direction of its targets, but its projectiles break into more projectiles that are also homing. I've already reached a conclusion with my testing, but I want to see if everyone else has reached the same conclusion.
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  17. Acamaeda

    Acamaeda Terrarian

    The Spider Queen's staff limitation is probably its range. It's not much good against flying or distant enemies.
  18. sharkman0101

    sharkman0101 Skeletron Prime

    I'd like to add that the Ballista Staff shares a similar weakness with flying enemies.
  19. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    It's not actually all that bad against distant enemies due to the fact that the baby spiders can still reach...
  20. McFlurry_Chan

    McFlurry_Chan Spazmatism

    Honestly @Baconfry
    This is absolutely brilliant.
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