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PC Inactive Pylons - Using pylons as an additional decorative item


I think pylon is a great addition to the game, but at this point it almost feel like it's somewhat restrictive. They got good aesthetic values, but they are currently gimped by the fact that you can only have 1 pylon of a type placed in the world. It will just block off placement otherwise.

Introducing Inactive Pylons.
It's a state of regular pylons where you can place them down but you can't teleport can and to them. While inactive, only the base of the pylon can be seen and not the floating crystals above.


Kinda like this. Disregard my terrible cropping skills.
Trying to teleport with an inactive pylon while there is an active one placed will display the message "You can only have one active pylon of a type."

Currently I have 2 directions of going with it:
- The first pylon of a type you put down will always be active and every other pylons are inactive. When the active pylon is destroyed, trying to teleport with any inactive pylon will turn that into the active one.
- Every pylon starts off inactive. You activate/deactivate them by right-clicking the base, and right-clicking the crystal causes you to teleport. Goes without saying that you can't activate another pylon while another is active.

If someone somehow manage to exploit/break this, I would still have the option to have "false" pylons for decorating. Kinda similar to trapped chests but without the trapping.

Thank you for reading.
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