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Increase the range of the Lunar Monoliths


Staff member
Apologizes if this suggestion should be in a different Suggestion Sub-Forum.

The Monoliths that can be crafted from the Lunar Pillar Fragments are a thing of beauty. They can change your world's background to be one of the 4 Moons seen in the Lunar Events. However it seems that the effective range of the Monoliths are not very large when your base is very huge that you can go away from the range the Monolith takes effect which prevents you from seeing the background when you go too far, so I'm proposing to increase this range so that you can turn one Monolith on and you can still see the effective range for a fair distance.

Here is the approximate range of how far the Monolith extends now where the Player is in noted by the Pin Frame here. As you can see, it can't go through the whole area of my Base as I would like it to. (The Monolith is where the Player is in this screenshot):
Current Lunar Monolith Range.png

And this is the the approximate effective area I propose that the monolith should take effect. It captures a larger area which is good for players who build very large buildings:
Proposed Lunar Monolith Range.png

That is all for this suggestion. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on if you think the range for Monoliths should be increased or not.


Staff member
How about simply having the monolith in the center of the base? Or perhaps having multiple.

For decoration/appearance purposes the player may desire to have the Monolith in a special room slightly off to the side and still want the Monolith to cover a fairly large area. (And depending on how the Player has designed their base, they may feel that having the Monolith in the center of their base would be out of place).

I see the solution for using Multiple Monoliths, but players may feel that using too many Monoliths throughout their Base or Builds will make the decorations they have in their base feel improper. Or their base is designed in a way that the player won't use another Monolith in an area of the base if it feels unnatural to them to place it there.


I think there should be 2 versions because one might be too big for some. You could make an Ascended version of the monoliths, which is the biiger area version, and a Descended version, which is the smaller area version. You could make them be the ingredient to eachother to avoid players being stuck with a monolith of the "wrong range". Or you could go the Capricorn way and make the monolith act as plaecable grab bags.
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