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  1. Light'N'Dark

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    Had 5 plate forms in a row going upwards and on the sixth on spawned a truffle worm I had wanted to catch them my self and I can do that glitch and oh it didn't work after my stack of platforms were used as it uses 1 platform for one worms
  2. Unit One

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    It sounds like you've accidentally activated the bait/critter/fishing pole glitch which happens when you swap bait with an item in your inventory (platforms), save, swap them back, save.

    How to get the "bait power" or "fishing power" OFF of an item that shouldn't have it:
    • Move the item to an empty space in your inventory
    • Save and exit
    • When you open that character again, it should be fine.
    • If it’s not, then put the item in a chest, close the chest, then open it and get your item again.
    This glitch will hopefully be absent from the mobile version when it gets its next update. :) To avoid the glitch, try to not swap items in inventory, but instead move items into an empty inventory spot.
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  3. Light'N'Dark

    Light'N'Dark Terrarian

    Yes that has happened and has thought those but thank you but it isn't about the that glitch its when I placed the 6th platform it spawned a truffle worm it repeated until i ran out
  4. Some1Dude

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    i think i found another duplication glitch.
    So i was trying to farm duke fishron but i needed to go home for some reason, i forgot, so i went in my inventory and swapped my fishing rod out for my magic mirror and when i left my inventory, i saw that i somehow dropped a truffle worm and when i saw that, i checked to see if i lost a truffle worm but seen that i did not.. i thought about catching it but i left my bug net at home. But i thought it was just a minor glitch and didn't bother testing it out again...
    now that i know it might be a glitch i can dupe a bunch of truffle worms, kill duke alot, then sell the extra weapons for profit...
    but to be honest i dont know if this is relevant or not... im sorry if it isnt.
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    This happened with my Picksaw upon loading a game, in a different world. is there anyway to avoid this from happening again?
  5. TheWorfer27

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    Selling the worms themselves can also be pretty profitable
  6. Some1Dude

    Some1Dude Terrarian

    Oh wow thats smart... Why didnt i think of that...
  7. Light'N'Dark

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    This could be added on to my thread