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Adventure Infinity - Massive Sandbox Adventure Map. Hardmode Start


Welcome to Infinity!
This is a Massive sandbox adventure map aimed at enhancing the vanilla Terraria experience while adding in adventure/dungeon aspects.

The entire world is completely remade with plenty of unique Dungeons and biomes to explore. There's always something new to Find!
This map blends Classic Terraria gameplay with Dungeon exploration for character progression.

Discover the secret lore of Infinity.

Promo Video for the Map <

In a regular Terraria playthrough, by the time you enter hardmode (with the fun Items and cool Enemies)
Your entire world is more or less already explored... (leaving me with this feeling of constant back tracking)

Infinity starts in Hardmode! I wanted The most interesting aspects of the game to be experienced in tandem with
that sweet world Exploration, on a Map with brand new Biomes and Interesting Dungeons spread throughout.

Early character progression is essentially in fast forward, up until you get to early hardmode power.
The first Few moments can be very difficult. Don't lose heart!


1. Make a new Character

Explore around, Cheese a dungeon, Make shortcuts, Build whatever..



Infinity Download for Expert mode <<
Infinity Download for Normal mode <<



* Multiplayer is possible. there are multiples of key accessories, different build paths will be necessary though

* All chests in all caverns have been removed. you can find all 'chest only' items in dungeons

* Only one "Cell Phone" can be made (Its possible)

* Music Boxes and monoliths will never lead to secret paths (don't wanna waste your time)

* Besides the first house, Dressers will almost never contain items ( save some time )

* The world was tested almost exclusivly in expert mode! If its too easy in Normal mode, that's why

* Heads up! There is no need to ever fight the wall of flesh unless you want to get your hands on certain items sooner

* No dungeons will be found in hell... sorry :(

* There are 3 demon hearts in key locations ( the more you know! )

* Currently, the lore scattered around the map is incomplete...

* If you use ModLoader, there's a common bug with the lunar event; Celestial Pillars will destroy themselves automatically.
Fix: open with the Normal Terraria app.


If there's any late game item that you find impossible to obtain, let me know!


Build help:

Church with bell, by Khaios

Dreams Castle, by user_23260460 ?

misc landscapes, by Tim Hjersted

adventure time tree fort, by _ForgeUser17086070 ?


Made almost exclusively by me! Anthony

My Main Youtube Account <
Instagram: @sangawich


Biggest inspirations for this map actually came from

Story of Red Cloud by Tim Hjersted & Isle of Voices by _ForgeUser19615892 ??

I really wanna see some playthroughs of this map. if you make any vids, Id love to watch!
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