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How difficult is the Eye of apocalypse compared to the frost moon

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  1. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    Hello everyone :)



    Welcome to terraria ultra apocalypse, a mod where where you'll be truly tested. Compared to the previous version, this mod is not focused on only adding feature, but also reworked current one (mostly boss). There is also a new progression stage, wich include those new reworked boss. As of rn, there is no download because I'm still working hard on thing, but I can tell that the mod will require Biomelibs to work!

    Now let's go without waiting to the content!

    Once the moon lord was defeated, he liberated a force that was strong enough to awake the other god... Now that those god are awaken, they infused with their power enemy that the terrarian fought before. The infused enemy aquired some similairty to the god, without being as powerful as them...

    Soon after the force of the god got unleashed, you see that the suspsicious eye changed a bit. You try using it and it summon something far more powerful than what you first ever fought.

    When the eye of cthulhu got destroyed, his soul got sent back to the moon lord where he originated. Sadly the moon lord died before he could reach him, resulting the soul to go in the god heaven joining the eye of apocalypse that was barely waking up from his sleep. The eye of cthulhu asked to be sent back in the world and take his revenge and his wish was granted. The god not only allowed him to come back, but also gave him a strong destructive power.


    initial stats :
    HP : (Base HP * (number of time you killed him after moon lord + 1)) * 2
    Damage : 75
    Defense : 100
    Special effect : None of the armor work, your defense is capped to 80 and you can't deal more than 1250 damage per sec (actually, 1250 * number of time you killed Ultra EoC in the world)

    New attack pattern :
    He can do a powerful charge, dealing raw damage in your health.
    When progress in the fight, he'll spawn clone wich are identical, or almost... It should make thing more confusing.

    Special note: The first few fight are meant the be fast, but a lot more intense...

    Video on the boss :

    Required item to enter in this step : [​IMG] (Apoclypsio)

    After killing a certain number of time the Ultra eye of cthulhu, you see a new item. This item look surprisingly like an eye... You examine it and decide to use it.
    The moon suddendly start acting weird and the machanical decide to attack you, in wave...

    THE APOCALYPSE MOON (Previously was an add-ons on tapi version) :

    WAVE 1 - The mechanical are reactivating
    You need to kill a total of 10 mechanical boss to progress on next wave.

    WAVE 2 - The creature from the depth are climbing the surface
    Plantera, duke fishron and the golem are getting out from their sleep and decide to join the terrarian so they can take their revenge... You need to kill a total of 4 of any of the boss from the depth to progress in next wave.

    WAVE 3 - The halloween is coming early...
    Pumpking and mourning wood are randomly appearing out of your worst nightmare, not to give you candy, but for stopping you until it's to late. You need to kill a total of 12 pumpking/mourning wood to progress on next wave.

    WAVE 4 - You'v e been naugthy this year
    Ice queen, Santa-NK1 and everscream are coming for you because you've been neughty this year. Don't expect gift from them, they won't give any. You need to kill a total of 12 Ice queen/Everscream/Santa-NK1 to progress on next wave.

    WAVE 5 - The vortex are invading
    The vortexian creature got spotted, this time they are not coming from a pillar a mysterious vortex... You need to kill a total of 120 vortexian creature to progress on the next wave.

    WAVE 6 - The berserker creature are invading
    The solarian creature got spotted, this time they are not coming from a pillar, but from a weird red portal... You need to kill a total of 120 solarian creature to progress on the next wave.

    WAVE 7 - The multiplicative creature are invading
    The stardust star creature got spotted, this time they are not coming from a pillar, but from a weird blue portal... You need to kill a total of 120 stardust creature to progress on the next wave.

    WAVE 8 - The magical creature are invading
    The nebula creature from a mysterious planet got spotted, this time they are not coming from a pillar, but from a weird purple portal... You need to kill a total of 120 nebula creature to progress on the next wave.

    WAVE 9 - The lord is coming...
    The moon lord, somehow resurected is coming after you. This time he is not alone, in fact he got clone... You need to kill the 3 moon lord to finish the event.

    After the event is done :
    You see that using the apoclypsio over and over doesn't spawn the moon anymore but something else.

    After that the apocalypse got defeated, you try using the apoclypsio to see what could happen now. Instantly after using it, you see 4 eye coming at you, you find out that this was the one that resurected the moon lord... The god of destruction...

    The eye of apocalypse is one of the very first god to appear on the world creation, he incarnated the hell for a very long time. But that changed when a terrarian decided to sealed the god of element and at same time putted asleep all the other god. Many year later, the terrarian died and a new one came to replace him. The new terrarian defeated the moon lord and when he did so, the moon lord soul reached the god and awaken them... The eye of apocalypse was the first to act and promised that he'll kill all the terrarian that would stand against him because of what they did to him.


    Eye of apocalypse - The god of destruction stats :
    Health : 400 000
    Boss fight type : Undertale
    New mechanic :
    Invisible arena based on a circle radius where the boss turn around, you have infinite flight.
    Invincibility, you can't attack the boss directly, you'll need to find a way to damage him...
    Attack: Destruction beam : Drain your health if you touch it, you feel being drained...

    Map icon : [​IMG]

    As you progress more and more in the first phase, the eye of apocalypse is switching place with his clone. The next step in the fight is to destroy the clone, but don't expect them to be easy...


    Health: 50 000

    This part is not done yet.

    Once the eye of apocalypse as been defeated, a ancient virus was released, something strong enough that it could convert any element into what we call the plagues. Anyone that did enter in contact with the plagues instantly died, but that was until the god of destruction die. Now this area that was previously contained is trying to expend and eat the entire world...

    Biomelibs reference : plague

    Shortly after the death of the eye of apocalypse, the balance massively changed. The worm food you had in your inventory changed a little bit and you feel the need to go in the corruption to see what would happen exactly...

    As you you use the worm food in the corruption, you see that the eater of the world changed. He is emitting a new aura that you never saw before, an aura coming from a new god...

    The eater of the world was the master of corruption in the world for a very long time, but when he got defeated by the terrarian, his soul gave up and returned with the god that were sleeping at that time. When the eye of apocalypse got down, the god of balance sent the eater soul back in the world, not only he sent him back in the world, but he also a very powerful aura allowing to negate damage from certain weapon.

    Once the EoTW got defeated, the dimension start collapsing, resulting into creature from other world invading current world. Your goal is to get crystal from the creature, use it and reach their world...

    The pillar came from a place? But no one ever reached that place before. Is it possible to actually reach it or not? What exactly we would find there... No one know, but 1 thing that is sure, everything there hate you...

    Solar pillar creature has been spotted, each enemy have a chance to drop a solar crystal. Use that crystal to travel into the solar dimension, where the fiery creature live...


    Note that everything is subject to change.
    Outside lore content
    To spice up the game a little bit, a new progression system is added under the form of achievement. This achievement system is completly seperate from steam one wich mean no worry, nothing will break!


    The meteoridon is an hallow alt that was made in Tapi version of the mod, but never worked properly. Now I'm bringing it back and it's working as intended! I have to give credit to @Boffin as he's the one who first made it on TAPI.

    Right now there is not much content in it, but that's because it's still really w.i.p ^^

    Biomelibs reference : meteoridon

    Once a rich ecosystem that lay hidden underground; now it lay desolated. A place that can be described as hellish; with heat so high the devil was forced to migrate. Scientist tried to research what caused this transformation, but to no avail; they were never seen again. All we knew about the previous ecosystem needed to be revised, but one thing is sure.. the location consist of intense radioactive activity. Though we will never exactly know what happened to those who researched the site, many rumors have surfaced about them ranging from them becoming sludge or some other abominations to never daring to take a step in the area and instead ditched everything behind...

    The wasteland is an hell alt that will feature multiple new mob, a new boss and a new liquid!

    - The heart of the wasteland, also known as mutated mass (WoF alt)
    - Liquid waste, a liquid that can tranform mob into other mob and kill the player.
    - Genetic Abomination, general name of the wasteland creature
    - Mutated sludge, once a slime touched the liquid waste, it become a big sludge ready to kill you.

    Some of the boss in expert are just doing more damage and have more health (mechanical for exemple), leaving them to being harder because of that factor. 1 of the goal in this mod is to make the boss harder not because of more damage, but because they are actually using new pattern.

    Terra Energy is whole new electricity system implemented into TUA, with it it will include some basic machinery that will allow to create special material. Those machine won't use the classic crafting machanic to, they'll have their own GUI and recipe.

    Currently Implemtend machine :
    Essence Collector - Drain essence from the block in a radius of 50 block, it may have a chance to turn block into waste. If a block is transformed into waste, it won't give essence. All the essence collected is automatically converted into Terra Energy.
    TE limit : 100k

    Basic TE capacitor - Allow to store Terra Energy collected from Essence Collector.
    TE limit : 1M

    Terra Furnace - A furnace that will smelt item, ever wanted to cook ore at a rate of 1 ore for 1 ingot? Well, it's possible!
    TE limit : 50k

    Terra Forge - A version of the furnace that allow you to do alloy, like bronze, shroomite and spectre bar at heavy energy cost.
    TE limit : 200k


    Upcoming machine:
    Terra Furnace (80% done, just need to remake GUI)
    Terra Crusher
    Terra Sawmill
    Advanced TE capacitor
    Big TE capacitor
    Mechanical Spawner (Basic spawning mechanic done!)

    Implemented Item :
    Terra Metter - allow to see how much TE is stored in the machine
    (coming soon)
    Rod Of Linking - Allow to link capacitor to machine


    The mod will also have french translation!

    The following section is about thing that or might not make into a release, but is in discussion.

    Minor change to vanilla boss progression, for example to get voodoo doll for Mutated Mass/WoF you'll need to kill skeletron.

    Current W.I.P content
    Achievement/Progression system (done!)
    Apocalypse Moon (done)
    EoC rework (done)
    EotW rework (75%)
    Terra Energy Machinery (10%)
    TerraFurnace (done)
    Divine Summoner (2%)
    Terra Energy Base (done)

    EoA - Phase 2 and 3 (Phase 1 taking longer than expected :p)
    Cleaning up EotW and EoC rework code
    The destroyer of the world, god of balance (step 3)
    The slime moon for step 4 along with ultra slime king
    Expert Mechanical boss Rework
    Meteoridon mob (the biome itself is "done", some mob are in still in the drawing phase)

    Current Team
    Dradonhunter11 - The god coder, project leader [​IMG]
    2grufs - Spriter (inactive) [​IMG]

    Darkpuppey - Ultra spriter
    Mattparizeau (HumanGamer) - Ultra coder (inactive)
    I am currently looking for people to join the team (well, me alone rn). Here what role I search:

    Q : Will this version be similar to the TAPI version?
    A : On some aspect yes, but for the most part no.

    Q : Will the apocalypse moon add-ons will be there?
    A : Yes, it's now implemented in the mod as a step to progress.

    Q : Can I help in the developpement?
    A : Yes, I'm actually recruiting coder/spriter to help me, doing this alone is sure fun but also boring...

    Q : Is it currently multiplayer compatible in the current developpement state?
    A : No, I'm not a net expert so...

    Q : Is there a discord where I can follow developpement?
    A : Currently no, but I might consider it in future.

    Q : Will there be beta release?
    A : Yes, but don't expect one before that EoA is completly done.

    Q : Will Terra energy ever be an independant mod?
    A : Maybe, tile entity are absolute pain tough.

    Q : Will it run on regular tmodloader?
    A : No, it will require tmodloader infinity, which is one of the 2 tml 64bit version I'm working on.

    Q : Can I ask about tml64bit?
    A : No

    Q : Can I support the mod or the work done by the team in anyway?
    A : Yes, you can, join the discord for more information!

    The mod now have a discord! Come and chill with the dev or follow the latest progress!

    Discord link! <-- Click and join us!

    The team that helped me to make this mod possible in the first place <3
    blushiemagic for creating tmodloader
    Eli10293 for helping me with sprite :D
    jsx542 for making meteoridon tree!
    Myself for creating Biomelibs and Dimlibs

    Wanna support?
    Other version (tAPI)
    Welcome to the Apocalypse mod's thread! The Apocalypse Mod is a mod that adds a variety of different things to the game! It is currently being developed by: Notch, Sin Costan, TheGamingBoffin, appulDoge, exeton, bluemagic123 and Bryce's games. The features described below are for the newest version, 1.1.

    There are lots of new features in the 1.1 version of the Apocalypse Mod, so this might take a while.

    The slime moon is an event that can be done before hard mode (unlike the other two which are very difficult). The slime moon is activated via the "Slime Drop" (this item: [​IMG] ). It can be made with <insert recipe here>. There are currently 46 unique slimes and 3 unique bosses (though they are basically re-coloured king slimes, they are unique). Here are the slimes:

    If you think I'm going to write the names of all of them you are greatly mistaken :p
    And here are the new King Slimes:

    HEALTH: 5000
    DAMAGE: 60
    AI: Spawns black slimes at a random interval.
    HEALTH: 10000
    DAMAGE: 70
    AI: A normal slime, but with particles. Creative, I know.
    HEALTH: 15000
    DAMAGE: 100
    AI: Quickly gives off lots of random coloured slimes from the mod.

    The slime moon can only be done at night (obviously) and will end if you beat wave 10 or if it becomes day. Also, the boss slimes are only for hard mode slime moon (except wave 9 and 10 on pre-hardmode).

    The apocalypse biome is a biome that is very similar to the snow biome, but with darker blocks.[​IMG]
    As of writing this, there are no *unique* monsters that spawn in the biome, though normal forest monsters do (slimes etc.)

    If there are any, they will be named below with an image and stats :p

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Eye of apocalypse is a rendition of the Eye of Cthulhu or the Twins. Graphically it is more bloodshot and has a yellow iris. It has three attack patterns in it's first phase and 1 in it's second. The phases are:

    Hovers above the player (about 200 pixels) and lets out minions, called (servants of the apocalypse: View attachment 42775 )

    Teleports to a random position around the player whilst shooting an apocalyptic fire! ( the fire in the video is temporary )

    Charges straight at the player, if the player stands still, it will sit on the player.

    DAMAGE: 90
    DAMAGE: 80
    hunger staff:

    [​IMG] (if you want to help make a better sprite for this please do and post it!)




    DAMAGE: 64

    mini hunger:
    DAMAGE: 28

    I think that covers all of the features (other than tiles, which are shown in the image for the biome and have their respective items.


    RE-Logic - For making this super awesome game!
    TAPI Team - For allowing the community to use their amazing mod to make mods!
    Omnir - Lots of help with some of the issues we've had!
    Bluemagic123 - For all the help with tilespread and EoA AI with his awesome tutorial
    King Kermit - Sprites!
    Eli10293 - Slime moon drop!
    Gmod - Tank Armour!
    Everyone who has given us ideas!

    If you feel like you deserve to be on this Credits list and we've missed you out (SO SORRY), then please leave a message in the thread.

    Moon addons alpha 1.0.4

    The moon addon add 1 moon event that modify the apocalypsio to summon the most hardest event in world

    We strongly recommend to backup your world and be an expert for trying the moon

    download alpha 1.0.4: moon addon.tapi?dl=0
    there is a pool for the people has try to kill the moon

    We recruit a spriter, if you want to be a spriter for the mod, just start a convo with @Notch
    new banner:


    old banner

    The apocalypse mod have a social forum, to join go here:

    Download link v.1.1

    Download link build 1.1.1_2
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  2. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    Reserved for the update
    21/03/2015:Added picture of the corrupted fairy
    -Added soul of destruction description
    -Added a new mob in the mob section (crismon)
    -A bug can occur with the eye of apocalypse (he spawn 300 twin)
    -Added sprite for the wave gun
    -Added the firenami and the star annihilator
    -Added planned content
    -Added crismon destroyer but will be in the 1.2 update
    -The code of transforming tile to crimson is complete, just need to test it
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  3. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    first off: great job making all this sure it wasn't easy

    second off: I don't really have any problems with anything in your all looks good..but the wave gun mentions "souls of destruction" what are those? I didn't see anything like that in the OP..unless I somehow missed your description on them? :eek:
  4. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    the soul of destruction is the soul from the eye of apocalypse but I will add description for them

    and thanks :)
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  5. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    also I noticed many grammatical errors in your OP...might have you or someone else fix that? :p
  6. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    yeah I am not in gramatical and also I had the soul of destruction description
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  7. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    sry for the double post but can someone test the eye of apocalypse in server? I will past the current test version of the version to the people want test it (in conversation)
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  8. Derpmachine

    Derpmachine Terrarian

    Looks mildly interesting, might try it out. You've probably spent a while making it.
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  9. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    yeah with lot and lots of help because I start with no knowlowege in C#
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  10. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    The first mod that add projectile can transform tile to crismon :D [​IMG]
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  11. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    Well, after a day or so of programming and changing things, we now have a completely custom AI for the Eye of Apocalypse!

    It's not completely done yet, as the second phase doesn't have any AI, but the first phase is done!
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    ARANDOMGUY Cultist

    Like the idea of the mod, but a couple things are a little wonky. For starters, the Apocalypse eye does way too much damage at once and too much defense. I recommend lower both those and raising the health a lot. The way it is now, it would be bonkers to fight with regular gear. Also you should probably stay away from it dropping souls of night or light because the time you'd fight this boss you'd most likely not need them. The custom ai seems really sweet though, you just need to work on some balancing.
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  13. Boffin

    Boffin Brain of Cthulhu

    We know, we've been focusing on actually getting it to work, but some suggestions for attack and defense would be nice. Keep in mind that there's a pre-apocalyptic set to be made after all the main endgame stuff (from what I know), so that will a bit more damage! :)

    Thanks for the post!
  14. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    yeah we kmow the damage will be balanced and another spoiler:

    the crimson will have a new type of stone after the death of the EoA
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  15. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    Image is broken for me.
  16. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    Modify the world gen XD
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  17. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    So we are working on the new biome so spoiler Time!

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  18. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    yay another broken image!..the last spoiler you did worked maybe copy whatever you did there? o_O
  19. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    I will reupload
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 3, 2015 ---

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  20. superhc

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    wow it looks awesome and black :passionate: