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Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    This much
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  2. TheWith3r129

    TheWith3r129 Terrarian

    The same as a chest
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  3. RoninGoblin

    RoninGoblin Skeletron Prime

  4. Fabritzio

    Fabritzio Terrarian

    More storage is great but sence council didn’t get the dd2 update this would be our third storage medium. If we get it at all. Which is lame. How you bout to add it to the game files then remove it. Please for the sake of the council community. Stop it. Either leave it in, or don’t add it ,your hype trolling us and for what pc gets it’s not fair. Especially sence I bought Xbox one edition for ocram.
  5. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Excuse me?
  6. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    I think he's mad that this is something else the PC players are getting that he thinks the console players won't. @Fabritzio you can relax. Console players will be getting both the Dungeon Defenders content and this one. The DD content will be coming in the next console patch actually since they are skipping ahead to 1.3.5.

    Ocram was removed because it was content that wasn't created by the PC creators, they didn't approve of it and thought it was inferior to the stuff they had made. Except for Ocram all of it was lazy palette swaps with hugely inflated stats. Ocram himself was just Eye of Cthulhu with more spammed projectiles. They weren't quality content, they were filler to keep the game alive. At the time the PC version had been declared done. Now that it isn't the case, they decided to remove them in favor of the better 1.3 content.
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  7. Fabritzio

    Fabritzio Terrarian

    I’m not mad I’m just highly passionate about the game I’ve personally come to know and love. In my own opinion and lots and lots of other council players have come to agree with this. Ocram didn’t feel lazy. The vast majority of council players don’t have the ideals of thinking ocram or any of the items that were removed as lazy we just saw them as more content and more reasons to grind for another hard to get item that has little to no hard mode value. They were cool and fun to get. I just don’t see how it’s fair for one group of people to not like it to have it all removed and slandered without regard. The void bag is super awesome by the way I support it.
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  8. Nicol Bolas

    Nicol Bolas Terrarian

    Just for your information, the word you're looking for is "console", not "council".

    I can't speak to any "slandering" (though to be honest, people have called Ocram "lazy" since day one, so it's not like such statements are new), but its removal was a decision made by 505, not by the primary Terraria PC developers (who never implemented it and thus were not responsible for either its addition nor its removal). PC Terraria players were in no way responsible for the removal of Ocram, so if you're going to complain, you should complain to/about the people actually responsible.
  9. Fabritzio

    Fabritzio Terrarian

    Knowing what people meant is half the battle. Sings the cut seen to GIJOE. Srry missed the bottom section of your last post. But I’m not complaining I’m just talking for me and the other players that have come to agree with what I’m saying. I don’t see why he couldn’t of just been a side boss sorta like duke fishron.
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  10. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Real console player here (not a robot either, did a recaptcha once), Ocram was terrible. It was dull to grind for the summon, it was a copy of the EoC fight, and the armor recipe was so boring I decided against ever going for it.
    I'm going to assume English is a second language for you. Good job managing a whole second language.
  11. Nicol Bolas

    Nicol Bolas Terrarian

    But... you didn't get that half of the battle, since InstaFizz (and to be honest, me too) needed someone to interpret what you were talking about ;)

    I know this is a bit off-topic, but I think it's important to get the facts straight. Can you cite a post that explained those particular reasons for removing Ocram? Because my understanding was that 505 basically decided that their codebase's divergence from Terraria PC was inhibiting their progress in porting new PC editions to the console on a reasonable timetable. And thus, the easiest way to catch up to Terraria PC was to basically discard everything they had done and just re-port Terraria 1.3 to the consoles directly. Thus, it was not really a question of whether to "remove Ocram", but whether to put him back after they discarded all the code that had Ocram in it.

    And they decided that it wasn't worth the effort.
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  12. Fabritzio

    Fabritzio Terrarian

    All I’m saying is that there’s a whole community craving ocram and you guys are just completely ignoring it and watering it down by disregarding everyone who wants him back by snidely marking comments like he’s lazy or doesnt fit in , and the void bag is a builders best friend my support all day long.
  13. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    We have the same source, minus some posts from Loki that I don't want to make the effort to search up. Your understanding is wrong though, not sure how you read that as 505's decision. Cenx is not 505 games, she's part of ReLogic, who made the PC version only. Redigit himself has mentioned his disdain for the console exclusives, repeatedly. End result, ReLogic made the decision to remove the exclusives. They wanted everyone playing the same version of the game, their PC version. As of 1.3 they were no longer needed anyway. The console exclusives were meant to fill an end game niche that the Moon Lord content now fills.

    As to the choice to bring him back at some point? Who knows, but considering the creator of the game doesn't like him or the developer that went behind his back to make Ocram? I'm not holding my breath for his return.

    Well keep voicing your support. In all honesty though most of the community didn't like him or the grind he created. The creator of Terraria himself, Redigit, didn't like Ocram either. We've got much better fights now with much better rewards. I'm not sure the game even still needs Ocram. He wouldn't be past Moon Lord, Relogic have already stated they don't really want any content beyond that. So he'd have to be stuck in the game somewhere in the middle of hard mode, and that's pretty packed with choices already.
  14. Nicol Bolas

    Nicol Bolas Terrarian

    I guess my point is that the decision doesn't appear to be "Ocram and the console exclusives are ugly and stupid, so let's get rid of them". It seems more like "the console Terraria codebase's divergence is making it take way too long to adopt new versions from the PC, so to fix that, just start the port over from a fresh fork of the PC's codebase".

    While the Powers That Be clearly don't like the console exclusive content, I don't see evidence that getting rid of that was the goal behind the decision, merely a side-effect of wanting the console ports to be able to catch up with the PC version. I mean, I'm sure they've shed exactly zero tears over Ocram, but I don't think that's why it was done. So I'm questioning the framing of it as "ReLogic made the decision to remove the exclusives" rather than "the console port was restarted at 1.3, which happened to cause most of the exclusives to go away".

    That may seem like a trivial difference, but it's kind of important. If you frame it as "ReLogic made the decision to remove the exclusives," that strongly suggests an adversarial relationship between ReLogic and console players. They want to take away console players' stuff because they've decided that it's bad, without asking console gamers for their opinion. But if you frame it the other way, it represents them wanting to give console gamers more stuff faster, and this is just a necessary compromise to get there.

    Also, there's the fact that, if ReLogic's primary purpose was to remove the console exclusives, there are a lot easier ways to do it than to re-port the entire game. Removing that stuff might take a week's worth of work (if that), while doing a re-port would take... substantially longer. So again, I have a hard time believing that the console exclusives were the primary impetus behind this.
  15. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    Nah, the re-port had everything to do with the existing console code base was a spagheti code cluster :red: that was taking way too long to un-:red:. The One Terraria vision however has everything to do with viewing the vanilla PC version as the proper way to play the game. Just look at ReLogic's views on adding mod support or changing the PC UI to be more controller friendly. It's not that they hate controller users, more I get the impression they already feel they've made enough concessions implementing controller support at all. No improvements have been made for controller users in 4 patches now, despite people asking for them since controller support first landed on PC. Even if they had been able to just easily build 1.3 on the existing games code base I'm certain that Ocram would be long gone in that case too.
  16. Airarret

    Airarret Terrarian

    [​IMG] isn't a lazy palette swap of [​IMG]. Neither is [​IMG].
    [​IMG] isn't a lazy palette swap of [​IMG].
    [​IMG] isn't a lazy palette swap of [​IMG].
    And so on.

    Honestly I would have liked if instead of removing the exclusives from the console/mobile versions, they did the opposite and added them to the PC version. Even if it's made something completely optional and skippable so those who don't like it can just ignore it -- nobody forces you to create and use the summon item, it doesn't gate any content needed for progression. After all, Duke Fishron, the Pumpkin and Frost Moon events, the Frost Legion, the invasions, the Old One's Army, and more are completely optional and skippable, you don't need to do any of those in order to defeat the Moon Lord. (In fact the only hard requirements for progression are killing Wall of Flesh, the mech bosses, Plantera, Golem, Cultist, celestial pillars, and Moonlord. I'd put Skeletron and Goblin Invasion as soft requirements because they're needed to make the ankh shield.)

    The irony is that now on the PC, we can actually get the console and mobile exclusives thanks to mods: Ocram 'n Stuff, Consolaria. (And if you install both, you can even fight two Ocrams at once!)
  17. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Now we can see that spider armor dood is running using those new sand-themed hermes boots :D
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  18. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    I've actually never defeated Ocram, and I got slightly angry that I'd never be able to defeat him. On the other hand, I fell out of my chair when they said they are adding Old One's Army for console soon.
  19. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    If you have the 3DS or mobile version, you still have a chance.
  20. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    Yeah, but I don't feel like playing up and then right before I defeat Ocram 1.3 comes out LOL.