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Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag


I really like this idea.

I have a suggestion re the void vault, if it isn't too much to ask.
It could be nice if the void vault could quick stack to nearby chests, this might be too powerful but it would be really nice when mining materials for building, like tons of stone, which fill up the inventory rather fast. It wouldn't have to automatically do that (would be nice though) but even an option to trigger it to quick stack from the bag would be great.


This is going to be crazy expensive right?
Its going To be so Late-game that their will be no use for it

The general belief by people lately is that this looks like Hardmode Goblins, as the graphics and such are similar to the stuff that the goblin summoners do, which makes sense. If so, you can get this the first day of Hardmode which... eh, it isn't TOO bad, though I woulda preferred earlier. But hey. It'd be easy-peasy to make a bunch of them on one character and give them to new characters starting the game out.


I'll be honest, definitely dont want to see this coming too early. I agree that it's basically useful for the entire game and no specific point is in need of it more. I'd argue early pre-hardmode needs it less because you have the extra inventory space of the Piggy Bank already. And as time passes you progress to more and more convenient storage methods. I dont even want this coming before the safe. And early Hardmode is like a third of the way into the game, its not that late a time to get it in my eyes.

Either way this is useful for me as Im generally only working with half my inventory at any given time anyways as there are a lot of permanently filled slots.

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Derpling Ω

Anyway, Cenx said it must be crafted, so I'm betting it requires granite for the placeable vault (due to it's pedestal) and Souls of Night for the bag, think about it: wouldn't the portable version be later game than placeable? If not, then I'm betting on souls of night for both.


You craft it. :)
Given the above quotes the most obvious source would be crafting it from Luminite bars/ore given that all "void" based items so far are crafted from Luminite.
I hope it is available sooner but knowing our luck it perhaps it will be from the boss perhaps with a rare crafting ingredient with your aforementioned drop chance.
At least it is a new inventory extension as you can never have enough of those. :D
Looking at the Vault itself, it appears to have similar aesthetics to granite furniture or shadow chests, so I am going to guess we craft it from those biomes in early game.

EDIT: also could be post-Goblin army
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