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Important Introductions: Rules & Guidelines

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Welcome to the Terraria Community Forums! This particular section is for members to create a thread that introduces them to the Terraria Community. Here are some rules and guidelines to follow when posting in the Introductions section. Follow the rules, have fun, and thanks for joining the community!

Introductions Summary

This is a relaxed section and, other than the general focus being on the thread creator, members are free to discuss whatever topics they desire in their introduction threads, after they have introduced themselves with the opening post. This does not mean any of the forum rules can be ignored, merely that casual conversation is acceptable.

Introductions Rules
  • All non-introduction threads will be locked or moved. There is a whole forum to talk about everything else, this section is only for members who wish to introduce themselves and those wanting to welcome the new members.
  • Do not post personal information: physical address, legal names, phone numbers, etc.
  • Do not create more than one introduction thread. Each member is allowed a single thread in this section and no more.
  • Do not post multiple times in a row (known as 'bumping'). While introduction threads are focused on the member that created them, this forum is not a blogging platform. If you have something to add before another member has posted, then use the edit button. If you want to share personal updates with the community, try using the Profile Status feature!
  • Always be polite and respectful. In the same way that introductions present new members to the community, they also present the community to new members and, just as receiving good first impressions is desired from new members, giving good first impressions is expected from current members. If nowhere else on the forum, this is the section that most follows the old saying, "If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all."
  • When creating an introduction thread, ensure the opening post actually introduces one's self. This will generally involve at least a few sentences and can include such things as talking about hobbies and interests, mentioning experience or experiences with Terraria, listing of other favorite games, or really anything that the community might find informative.
  • Properly using grammar, punctuation, and paragraphs or other appropriate formatting, to the best of one's ability, is strongly recommended. Poorly written posts or walls of text that lack proper spacing will not make a good first impression on the community.
  • Posting personal pictures is allowed, so long as the pictures do not violate any of the forum rules.

Last Updated: 2014/09/17
  • Published: 2014/09/17
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