1. slimcognitodude

    slimcognitodude Terrarian

    Hello, I am making an ultimate world and I'm making a farm for events. I know about the classic slime statue and heart statue with honey one but since I'm playing on expert mode they do way more damage. I want a design for an invincibility machine that is:
    1) Compact
    2)Doesn't use hoiks
    3)You don't need any armour or accessories or buffs or mounts or just any item for it to work
    4) Supports expert mode
    5) (Optional) works when fighting moonlord
  2. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    I'm pretty sure its impossible if you aren't using any armor or at the very least hooks.
  3. Alexnpro

    Alexnpro Plantera

    you can do it while jumping on top of 2 dummies with the slime mount if there's celling. It's mappy gaming's idea and it's featured in this video
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  4. stefnotch

    stefnotch Eye of Cthulhu

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  5. Nobodymoo

    Nobodymoo Skeletron Prime

    The room he makes works pretty well besides the fact that certain minions (stardust dragon) can come and kill the slimes.
  6. MappyGaming

    MappyGaming Plantera

    No, it's not. As I mentioned in 6:44 of the video, I merely learned it from here in T-MEC (Specifically from the thread @stefnotch quoted).
    I made that video for mere convenience.
  7. Nobodymoo

    Nobodymoo Skeletron Prime

    I thought that I might actually do so work, so I did.
    Capture 2016-12-22 09_57_47.png Capture 2016-12-22 09_58_06.png
    So this makes it so things like the moonlord or dungeon gaurdian can't get to you because your always in a different place. The lava and doors prevent enemies from getting in. Yes, it uses hoiks but only a very small amount. Using armor besides vortex You could summon stuff. Even multiple people with paladin's sheilds and more summons! I hope this helps.
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  8. Lemon-Neko

    Lemon-Neko Terrarian

    i made this a while back, used it to defeat ML in about 1 minute with a near maxed stardust dragon. there are 80 heart statues in the top row, and 78 in the bottom. this set up was made to optimize cruising on the track at 20 mph or lower, an faster and you creep into the the 10 second cool down of the statues (the hearts stop spawning because you're activating them too fast). so...80 statues + 78 statues = 158 total statues = 158 hearts that spawn, 158 x 20hp = 3160 hp healed per pass, it takes a little over 10 seconds to make a pass through, so that's like 316 hp healed per second?

    note: a heartreach potion helps and maybe a star veil
    more notes: i think @DicemanX used a similar setup when he took on (almost) all the bosses at the same time
    even more notes: the yellow wires are connected to actuated blocks to defend against ML's eye-beam-laser-attack-thing, i got curious to see how good the regen rate was so i tried to tank the hit....yeah it was like getting hit by pretty much nothing
    evan moore notes: hearts like to get stuck near the right end by the teleporter....but the heartreach helps with that
    Capture 2016-12-24 10_55_15.png
  9. slimcognitodude

    slimcognitodude Terrarian

    Hi I saw that and built it in my world but I want to know the armor / accessories in the loadout so I can try it.
  10. Lemon-Neko

    Lemon-Neko Terrarian