Resolved Invisibility against Dungeon Guardians using Slimy Saddle

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Montferrat, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Montferrat

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    So, this bug came from a user named "Фокси-Фоксимильян", from Russian Terraria Wikia (I'm just a Chat Moderator there). It really interested me, so I registered there just to show this bug.
    • It started off just as another "Dungeon Guardian murder", his friend (artefakt) brought 7 Dungeon Guardians so he (Foxy) could kill him. Foxy had Slime as his mount. As I guess from the screenshot, he also attached himself to a dirt bridge with a hook. Nevermind, it is glowing hair.
    • When Dungeon Guardians murdered his friend, they, of course, decided to murder Foxy. This is where it starts - Guardians didn't deal any damage to him at all! Not only that, his mount dealt damage to them instead!
    • Foxy tells us that if he would use anything but sword, he will die.
    • Even though version is, I didn't see this bug fixed in Changelogs for 1.3.1 and Also, no modifications.
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  2. Azu

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    You can't grapple with a mount. This is modded.
  3. Montferrat

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    Wait, wait, nevermind. I thought that glowing stuff is hook, but it is hair. I'm sorry. .-.