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PC Is it possible to be completely immune to any monster or boss?

Discussion in '[T-MEC] Terraria Mechanical Engineering Corps' started by WooooooHooooo, Aug 7, 2017.


Is it possible

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  1. WooooooHooooo

    WooooooHooooo Terrarian

    I have been playing terraria for a little while an I am wondering whether or not it is possible to be completely immune using any machines/bugs without mods or hacks.
  2. DRKV

    DRKV Spazmatism

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  3. ROWDYbuck

    ROWDYbuck Terrarian

    I'm not sure...
    But I bet it's possible.
    There is a way to be invincible for a few seconds. Just google it or something.

    Sorry I forget how.
    I thinks it involves titanium armor and some potion.

    Hope I helped (probably not)
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    Sorry I forgot the machine part of it. I didn't help.
  4. DRKV

    DRKV Spazmatism

    That bug you're thinking of was fixed, unfortunately.
  5. ROWDYbuck

    ROWDYbuck Terrarian

    Sorry, then.
  6. Tools.PNG
    With the exception of the ruler, all you need are 2 target dummies, a Slimy Saddle, and some blocks. Then just place the blocks 8 blocks above the ground, this will make you completely invulnerable, as long as you don't hit the dummies with any of your weapons. The only minions you will be able to use while still keeping invincibility are Pygmies and Ravens.
    what it looks like 2.PNG what it looks like.PNG
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  7. WooooooHooooo

    WooooooHooooo Terrarian

    Yrimir showcased it on his channel. It consisted of having the max number of buffs at a time, and the shadow dodge with the horsemans blade. The 10th/11th (not really sure) uses the bug that makes you invincible.
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  8. On the topic of Slime bouncing Invincibility and using weapons (as Starblaster said), only weapons that can't hit multiple targets (aka, non-piercing weapons) can be used to fight atop an invincibility slime machine, any other weapons are fair game. Such as a minishark with chlorophyte bullets, or a low level gem staff such as an Amethyst staff, or even Bees probably. Even if you hit the dummies with a non-piercing weapon, you'll stay on the dummies
    It's also probably multiplayer-safe, since even if another player uses a piercing weapon on the dummies, your hits will still be handled on a separate timer or something. You both can even use the same set of dummies
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