Is there a way to quickly & automatically delete lava?


I know there are a variety of ways to permanently eliminate water, with the least elegant probably being simply dumping it down a max-depth hellevator.

But what about Lava? The only established means I know of is the generation of obsidian. However, depending on the method of obsidian generation the end result is either exceedingly tedious to mine or appear to not deplete reservoirs any appreciable amount. I have used obsidian generators with moderately large reservoirs, creating several full stacks of obsidian and notice the lava reservoir level doesn't seem to deplete.

I was thinking about a base-build that could incorporate a safe-room that would have a series of switches that would progress from base lockdown to dumping lava through a variety of corridors with pumps. The problem is: all liquids appear to multiply when pumped through any free flowing circuit. While I wouldn't change this as it is an extraordinarily useful mechanic for a variety of circumstances: in this instance I can't think of any system that creates lava falls that wouldn't eventually create overflow. I could simply dump excess down a long shaft to the underworld, but this has it's own consequence that: eventually the underworld will become exceedingly difficult to navigate. Designated reservoirs could be used but eventually said containers would fill up.

So: is there any trick to quickly & automatically delete lava to manage a system overflow?
If you don't want lava try using pumps and a 1 second timer. Just place on under a pit of lava break the blocks above it, so you can place it without it being in lava, and then wire it up somewhere else.

I'm not sure of any other way than turning it into obsidian.
I don't know about "quickly", but don't all the liquids dry up/disappear if they get spread out too far horizontally?

Could you theoretically dump excess lava onto a (very) large, perfectly horizontal platform that extends so far that it all dries up?
Hrm... you used to be able to tunnel to the bottom of the map and have the lava flow out that way... but I think they changed it so you can't drain the underworld of lava anymore... I guess they didn't like players doing that... not sure why... it took hours of hard work to drain the lava out of there... why would they care if we wanted to get rid of it or not? We paid our money to play... let us play the way we want to, I say... :)
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