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Mobile Is there any way to farm sand from antlions?


I'm building a network of farms underground,I'm late prehardmode, but the only hardmode items I need for my farms is bubbles and conveyors, teleporters (and temple bricks jungle grass looks not very great, temple traps are cool to, but I can acquire them now, but don't want to, farms working great without them. So as I said, I'm building completely independent network of farms, by independent I mean without any need to step from underground, and independent battle potion potion production, deathweed farm is implemented in my main farm, there's also water and alchemy station. Vertebraes I can get from my crimson farm(it's not in caverns layer so I don't need to worry about skeleton merchant and placing conveyors all over the place so he will fall in my farm). The only thing I need, and don't know if that's possible, is a sand farm. Sans is renewable thanks to antlions, very slow, but renewable. And I don't need fast farms! One sand is 3 bottles that's more than enough. Problem is, I don't know how to force antlion to spawn(I'm close to desert btw), and even if I do, how do I turn sand projectile a into sand item?


I know about hoik btw, can't think of uses, but I think will be handy to move immobile enemies
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Your best bet for farming sand is using the sandgun and stacking as much ammo conservation as possible (ammo reduction potions, ranger armor sets, etc.). It's a bit on the tedious side, but it's reliable and doesn't need a lot of space.

Omega Derpling

That is what I'm looking for, how to turn projectile into an item. Dude above said that in the last update you can do that with dropping sand on rails. So yeah, sand farm(?)
Maybe if they're making the antlion projectile turn into an item then the sandgun will use the same projectile and work the same way?
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