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is wish a chinese place for bootlegs and scams

i remember seeing Videos about anyone buying fursuits from wish those bad suits from wish are insults to good furries also i watched silicone mask scam videos from wish and any social media theyre just cheap mediocre walmart halloween latex masks you can purchace for 10 dollars also stay away from wish the shopping app Beware! of bootlegs and scams


Official Terrarian
As with other online storefronts, it helps exercising caution on what you plan on purchasing. Consult friends, loved ones, etc. for recommendations.

Perhaps there's items that really do surprise in terms of quality and other factors. Looking back at the Ashens video covering a mostly Wish-sourced PC build, lightning doesn't strike twice.

Given what advertising I seen for Wish in itself, I think I'd stick to AliBaba. `:)
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