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Adventure Island Adventure/Survival Map

Is there any reason why the water level decreases every so often? Also, frequent and massive lag spikes seem to be a thing too as a result as the game tries to update all that water.


I know I'm a bit late to this, but I started this map last night.

Thusfar, I've got the starting island, rock island, ice island, crimson, corruption, spider, mushroom, beanstalk islands all done, Dungeon is almost half-done.

One suggestion, I'll make that I think would make this map a LOT better, is if you would have added a teleport hub in the center island. However, the teleporters won't work because there's one small piece of wire missing from each teleporter and you need to first find and release the Mechanic, buy a wrench, and a few wires to restore the teleporters on each island (the wire is cut on each biome island, not the starter island).

That way, it doesn't take such a ridiculous amount of time to get from one place to another even with the Flurry boots but yet you still have to explore on your own (but have a fast-travel method later).

UPDATE: Got almost to the end of the last island, ran out of wood and tried to use a shadow orb for light, wound up making a mistake and stepping on a switch, got knocked back into another switch and got killed, lol. I was like... a few hallways and 2 major rooms away from the last one. Well, I'll come back with more wood and finish it off. Was fun so far!

That last island isn't THAT bad, you just need to be careful and take it slow and bring lots of gel and wood and some rope. I think I blew almost 300 torches on the way down.

UPDATE 2: Apparently it is impossible. Summoned the Wall of Flesh, he turned out to be invisible. Wasp Gun would kill the Hungry, but the Wall Itself was invisible and the bees refused to hit it. Tried throwing magic daggers at it, still couldn't hit it. Probably because you filled the room with actuated blocks....
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Downloaded and played the map (up until the last island where I died twice already near the end) and the only problem in 1.3 are the biome keys, they don't open the chests because Plantera hasn't been defeated. I changed this bit with TEdit and had no problems with it, but some people might not know that. Other than that, this map is beautifully created and the islands are amazing.

EDIT: The WoF is unkillable in this version. I don't know if it's 1.3 or not, but it spawns under the lava and it pulls you into the blocks so you can't move nor hit it, leading to a slow death. Kinda disappointing finale.
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So, I came to this one late in the party, had a ton of fun. It was a nice change to the usual layout! One huge problem though...

DUNGEON CHEST KEYS. They now require Plantera to be beaten, so you can no longer get the Temple keys needed for the final island. Mayhaps a swap to something Gem related?

Oh, and hiding one of the following on one of the islands would be super useful: Turtle Mount, Water Walking Boots, or Teleporter checkpoints.


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Playing through this with a partner, and it's loads of fun. (I duplicate found items in Tedit, plus piles of wormhole potions.) I really love fun mazes and puzzles that are focused more on exploration and less on perfectly-timed jumps. I know some people hate the volcano island, but it's a viable challenge with 2 people. Thanks for sharing your map with us!
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