PC Issue(?) with 7 segment display and reset mechanism:

Discussion in '[T-MEC] Terraria Mechanical Engineering Corps' started by Rybek, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Dolpenguin

    Dolpenguin Spazmatism

    The buffer needs to be before the RESET which might require a bit of redesigning though you could add it under the switches. It is getting very crowded in your design
  2. Rybek

    Rybek Terrarian

    Individual buffer for each output, right? I'll see if I can shift the resets and the display a bit to the right, maybe 5 tiles.
  3. Dolpenguin

    Dolpenguin Spazmatism

    Yeah individual buffers works wether you have one for each 7 segment output or wether you have one for all 10 or 9 switches.
  4. putianyi888

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  5. Dolpenguin

    Dolpenguin Spazmatism

    Whelp. I’m a simple man, I like to visualise how the segments interact. This is just too high level for me.
  6. Rybek

    Rybek Terrarian

    Bloody hell thats compact. I'd use that if I were simply doing this for the sole purpose of having done it, but since I'm actually going to utilise this display, I'm going to stick with my crowded and bulky, yet understood by me design.
    EDIT: Still not working. Guess I have to put my pride aside, and just use @putianyi888 's design. Thanks for the help @Dolpenguin , shame the design didn't work.
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  7. SovereignVis

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    The speed reader you were talking about in Chippy's video doesn't actually have a thread. I gave them map just to Chippy so he could test out the guns because he does a lot of modded playthroughs and I didn't want to install all those mods just to find out how fast those guns fire.

    The timer in my Gotta Go Fast! map is set up in almost the same way. It just counts time instead of just the numbers.

    Also how are you going to make a speed counter for melee weapons when teal plates are not triggered by melee?
  8. Rybek

    Rybek Terrarian

    I'm going to have a dummy engine hooked up to a statue which can only spawn a mob when the current one is dead. I'll do this by having a statue of the same kind a couple blocks away, with two spawned.

    When a mob is spawned from the main box, it activates a pressure plate that leads to the counter. So every time the mob dies(it'll take one hit, since I'll use banners and one with low health), another spawns to trigger the plate.

    Make it so the first activation doesn't affect the display+counter, and presto, you've got a melee speed counter. I'll probably use crabs/skeletons with either a platform they drop down, or a teleporter below them to take them to the kill zone. I'll see which is more accurate when I make it. It won't be as precise as yours, since both methods slightly reduce how effective it is, but they're the best I could think of.
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  9. Amigo gaming!

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    Ur lucky, actually do you know what, I should make maps too, or at least try...