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Issues with sections of the official Terraria wiki

Could not find a particular "good" place to post this and it seems to be only a few pages that get effected, but I wanted to report an issue with some page javascript. If you navigate to the Class_setups wiki page guide, you will see some strange events happening to the "more" dropdown.


This can also have similar but presumably unwanted effects on other browsers as well, such as FireFox.

Over here on Opera the dropdown does not seem to exist at all.


Empress of Light
Acting odd for me in the latest Firefox on Win10 as well. Not as odd as that, but I get no More button until resizing the page (though not small enough to need the drop-down). It appears then, replacing the menu choices.

From the weird oscillation I suspect a media query (or some such) needs a sparkling drop of hysteresis… but they don't pay me to debug so they'll have to find it themselves.


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Reported to the wiki.gg team last Thursday - they say its a known thing and on the docket to get fixed. Thanks for the report! :)
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