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Poetry Itali's Little Hole of Poetry


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Brigadier Bread

In this hole I will be creating short poems that may or may not be satisfactory.
Eventually I know they will get good because practice makes slightly better performance

This thread may stay quite barren for a while, so If you stumble across please make a suggestion for things.
by things obviously I mean poems.
Request away. Suggestions are just as nice.


Giant cloud of smoke and ash
The fires burn hotter as the seconds pass
My house lost in the blaze, nothing I can do;
but stare at the sky and keep running things through:
"How did it happen, what could've gone wrong?
This is not what I hoped for, It shouldn't have been that strong."
So I better get going, as the sirens draw near
Prison may a sentence for what I've done here
What was used in the test will never be said
yet it may have just put a price on my head
In the jungle lies a secret
Just arising, no one's seen it
Guarded by three metal beasts
The wall breaks down, it wants to feast
As ancient plant begins to grow
The ground will shake, the jungles know
That a flower will soon start to glow
The thing to blame seems small in stature
Though soon to kill the old plant's rapture
The bulb will break,
the ground will quake,
A massive thing of nature's power
In battle for many hours
The creatures death may come at last
Revealing things from the deep past
For in every petal lays a key
To even darker mysteries
A ticking clock that's soon to stop
A beacon of light from months ago
This timer's nearly reached the top
Yet all it holds, only few know;
From in the ground to high above
The workers hope to hear that "Ding"
To show something new that's full of love
And given out to everything.
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It will get gud.
[DOUBLEPOST=1435207897,1435207864][/DOUBLEPOST]Just improve a little bit... With endings...

Brigadier Bread

There aren't many thing to come up with in three minutes. As I say this, the post has been edited slightly

EDIT:: Second Poem made
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