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Switch Item mining/pickup crash


Console Bug Priority
There is a bug that crashes the game when u mine/pickup a certain item. I cannot identify the item because i cant pick it up😆. I suspect this may occur with a few items. Has anybody found any game crashing items and can u tell what the item is?




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Weird, did you make it before 1.4?
Yes, its been there a while. I dont remember crafting it tho, like maybe it was a drop or in a treasure chest.Want to move it….I know its a water source because i can make bottled water next to it, but dont see it on the wiki. Am i screwed or ?


Duke Fishron
Yeah what I feared, sounds like a conversion issue then.

I'd like to use a glitch to download the part of your world that has that issue, just so I can experiment with it. Add 0155-9108-5133 on switch and Nescre#0805 on discord, and let's see if we can find a time to do it; mainly curious if I can parse together what it used to be / if there's a way to remove it at all

EDIT: he reached out, obtained the world and doing testing of my own
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