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What would you be most excited to be added to this mod?

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  1. Some unique items

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  2. More multiplayer compatability

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  3. Subclasses

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  4. Skills

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  5. Unique quests and a new NPC at best

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  1. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    This is a TModloader Mod

    Please note that this mod is still in development.

    Version 2.1.2

    Ever wanted to get stronger by simply killing monsters? This mod provides the possibility to gain experience and improve your stats. Depending on what class you picked at the beginning. different stats will be increased. Every class gets a max life bonus.

    I'm planning on making this level system customisable.
    The levels are saved per character, quest progress is saved per world.


    -gets a melee damage bonus
    -gets a melee crit bonus
    -gets a melee swinging speed bonus
    -gets many defense points
    -is strong enough to sometimes destroy a bit of enemy armour (Works on bosses, but with a nerfed effect)
    -armor has more defense
    -gets a ranged damage bonus
    -gets a ranged crit bonus
    -has a chance to not consume ammuniton or arrows
    -ranged projectiles sometimes makes enemys bleed(Works on bosses, but with a nerfed effect)
    -arrows are faster
    -gets a few defense points
    -gets a small movement bonus
    -gets a magic damage bonus
    -gets a magic crit bonus
    -gets a passive mana regen
    -needs less mana to cast spells
    -attacking monsters tears their soul apart which will move on to damage other monsters
    -can inflict buffs and debuffs(buffs will get less frequent as level rises)
    -gets a minion damage bonus
    -gets a minion knockback bonus
    -gets a minion capacity bonus
    -gets a slight passive mana regen
    -gets a moderate defensive bonus
    -gets faster minions
    -gets a throwing damage bonus
    -gets a throwing crit bonus
    -gets a throwing velocity bonus
    -gets a movementspeed bonus
    -ignores a bit of the enemys armor
    -evades occasionally
    -jumps higher
    -takes no fall damage

    Issue 1 :
    -increases your XP gained by 7% permanently
    You gain the book from one of the quests given to you by the scout

    Capture 2016-06-04 16_52_12.png Picture is outdated, scout now looks a bit different
    Moves in once you have 50 experience.
    The scout is currently the only NPC in this mod, he gives you quests which you can complete to gain items or experience.
    Personality : Energetic and fast acting

    lower- and uppercase is important

    /WipeCleanPlayer >Playername<
    Resets XP,levels and class.
    Resets quest progress
    /AddLevels >Number< >Playername<
    Adds a specific amount of levels
    /XPBar >Playername<
    Activates the XPBar
    /XPBarDeactivate >Playername<
    Deactivates the XPBar
    /XPBarState >Playername<
    Changes when the XPBar is visible
    /XPGainMultiplier >Number<
    changes how much xp you get. The amount of xp is multiplied by Number.


    You will start the game off with 5 items. Don't worry, you can also craft them, if you don't have them. These items are tokens, which you can use to select their respective class.
    Simply kill an enemy. The stats must be reassgined after you exit and enter the world. If you still do not get as much levels back as you originally had, it could be possible that this is due to terraria not closing properly (Such as a crash).
    Go to your terraria saves (preferably under MyDocuments)
    Delete all files beginning with IvysaurLevelsystem
    Reinstall the mod
    Make sure you are using the newest Version of the Mod.
    If not, redownload the Mod from the Modbrowser.

    Vaguely said, there were once 2 Instances of the Mod on the Mod browser, and still kind of are. But one instance does not receive any Updates.

    -----------------------Plans for the future-------------------

    -more commands for customizability
    -more NPCs and more quests
    -items that can help you gain XP
    -translations to other languages
    -something similiar to subclasses
    -class specific items as rewards

    Planned for Version 3.0:
    -a new NPC if possible
    -translations for more languages
    -more items that relate to XP
    -some unique weapons
    -more quests
    -some optimisations for multiplayer
    -Something secret

    -------------------------Known Bugs-------------------------

    What the color of the bug tells you:
    This bug is can easily be avoided, is just graphical or only comes from cheats/debugs. It may or may not be fixed.
    This bug can influence gameplay depending on your playstyle. This bugs will most likely be fixed sometime.

    This bug has a big influence on gameplay, it gives an unfair disadvantage/advantage, expect a fix in the next update.

    -/WipeClean doesn't reset the previously gained stats, this will be corrected by reentering the world

    -if you earn way too much xp, weird tihs can happen (you will already have reached level 100000 when this happens, unless you gain too much at once thanks to /XPGainMultiplier)

    -the XPBar won't get updated when receiving XP from a quest

    -Somehow you can't gain any XP at all in multiplayer

    -The wall of flesh does not spawn when throwing a voodoo doll into lava in the underworld. No idea why, i'll look what i can do


    First off, make sure you have the newest version of this Mod. Also check in the Bug section if the Bug is already known.

    Then, make notes on any steps or condtitions that needs to be met for the Bug to happen.

    ! If i cannot replicate the Bug myself, i cannot fix it. !

    Then there are some additional Questions you need to provide an answer to:
    What version of Terraria are you using?
    What version of TModloader are you using?
    What other mods did you install?

    ! Send me an Inbox Mail if possible, i could organise it better then !

    --------------------Download and other stuff--------------------

    Simply download this mod from the Mod browser.

    Here is a link for mac and apple users

    -Incompatability issues with other mods
    No know incompatabilitys at the moment

    Version 2.1.2 (29.January.2017)
    -Fixed a bug with loading levels

    Version 2.1.1 (29.January.2017)
    -Fixed the /AddLevels command

    Version 2.1 (26.January.2017)
    -Updated the mod to the newest tmodloader version, finally
    -The mod is now optimised for multiplayer, but i haven't fully tested it yet
    -Removed /DisplayStats due to it filling the chat and not being able to display everything, i need to integrate it into the hud to fix it.
    -Removed the Statmultiplier commands due to complexity, i'll have to rewrite it
    -Saving data is now saved seperated, levels and stats into the player and questprogress into the world
    -Changed maxmana stat into a passive mana gain
    -Added /AddLevels
    -Fixed name specific commands, they now accept names with spaces

    Version 2.0.4 (22.September.2016)
    -added a limmit to the amount of monstersouls to minimise bugs
    -updated the mod to the current tmodloader version
    -fixed the hotkeys to move the xpbar, they didn't work at all

    Version 2.0.2 (20.August.2016)
    -removed a debug feature that makes the XPBar always display 98%

    Version 2.0.1 (20.August.2016)
    -fixed the bug that upon saving and loading certain quest items need to be recollected
    Version 2.0 (20.August.2016)
    -added a working, though slightly visually bugged XPBar
    -completed the german translation
    -added 5 quests for the scout
    -changed the scouts texture (Thanks RebornNine)
    -added new lines for the completion of quests
    -the mod is now compilable by tmodreader
    -fixed the Book of Knowledge overworld sprite

    Version 1.5.2 (31.July.2016)
    -removed a debug feature that displays the playername in chat everytime you kill an npc

    Version 1.5.1 (31.July.2016)
    -fixed the Rangers ammo consummion being reversed
    -the old Version wasn't compatible with the new TModloader, so i had to update it

    Version 1.5 (1.July.2016)
    -fixed a major bug that causes Warrior and Summoner to have 100% endurance

    Version 1.4 (30.June.2016)
    -added more stats to try and make it more balanced
    -added the Book of Knowledge, issue 1.
    -fixed a bug where maxmana isn't added properly to the summoner

    Version 1.3 (17.June.2016)
    -fixed a major bug that could cause levels to reset
    -made a seperate build that saves the data to the player

    Version 1.2 (7.June.2016)
    -added Statmultiplier commands
    -added /DisplayStats
    -added 4 new quests for the scout
    -balanced some stats
    -raised the maximum amount of levels that can be achieved before wierd tihs happens (By a lot)
    -fixed some spelling mistakes (thanks TheBlightcaller)

    Version 1.1 (4.June.2016)
    -added the command /WipeClean
    -fixed certain inventory slots being ignored when scanning for items
    -fixed the scout being clueless if the world is crimson or corruption
    -fixed quest 4 giving a silver broadsword instead of an iron broadsword
    -fixed the scout's map icon being the example mod's TownNPC icon

    Version 1.0 (4.June.2016)
    -added a level system
    -added the scout
    -added the command /XPGainMultiplier
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
  2. EchoDuck

    EchoDuck Skeletron

    Nice mod, Im gonna watch where it goes
  3. UghZan11

    UghZan11 Skeletron Prime

    Looking good!
  4. jklw10

    jklw10 Terrarian

    when i and my friend are in a multiplayer world and i try to set my class it sets my friends class as well. also you should really make a class reset thing atleast for creative mods just because if people find bugs they don't have to fiddle around in the save file.
  5. Jikon

    Jikon Pixel Pirate

    So the scout told me to show him/her some iron or lead and i have 10 lead in my inventory but when i click finish story quest nothing happens
  6. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    Tmodloader needs a lot of optimisation for multiplayer.
    I haven't yet optimised my mod for multiplayer.
  7. I'm wondering will this work with Thorium and Tremor mods?
  8. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    You will need to try it out

    So far i can't think of a reason why this mod should be incompatible with other mods
  9. I'll have to look into it.
    Also I'm using the class based mod, so I'm uncertain if it'll conflict with that one but I'll soon see.
  10. Br00klyn Shadow

    Br00klyn Shadow Terrarian

    for me, i made a new character and it said i cant change my class even though I NEVER PICKED ONE.
  11. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    Alright guys. For everyone who has the wrong class.

    I will add a new command that resets XP, Levels, Questprogress and the class.
  12. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    I released Version 1.1 which fixes the bugs that have been reported today.

    Thank you guys for playtesting.
  13. Well I can say this much.
    This does work with the RPG Class mod, I started a new character and new world and no issues
    [other than initial load up of the mod crashed my game, didn't get the error it tossed but it delt with input stuff from the controller]
    Though with this along with the RPG Class mod it does offer a huge array of options of class combos.
    Cause the RPG Class mod adds 28 classes, while this adds 5.
    So all in all there is 140 possible class combos you can go with if you use the two.

    -=Quick Edit=-
    Ok I can't change class unless I need to update the mod, but the /WipeClean won't work.
    I'll try to update to see if it'll let me.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016
  14. TheBlightcaller

    TheBlightcaller Terrarian

    I saw this and was quite curious about trying the two together. Hell, I was gonna mention if maybe Ivy and Hiccup wanted to collab on their mods. Who knows, maybe they could come up with some cool things. I mean, think of the possibilities with those two RPG mods and Hiccup's Prefixes mod.

    P.S. How do you link names on here? I'm new to the forums. (Was gonna tag Hiccup above)

    Edit: I'm quite interested in this mod and I'll definitely be watching it closely.
  15. Now the only thing I'm sorta don't like is the fact I tried this as a mage and got to lv14.
    But now every time I try a new class once I gain any xp it'll auto bump me to lv14.
    How would I go about clearing the past levels I've gained cause the /WipeClear command doesn't work all that well.
  16. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Definitely good to combine with Hiccup's mod.

    Mod link

    Pick a class here to have a basis to work with then a class at Hiccups to specialize in a particular combat style.

    Whats more is that since this one applies extra stats by accumulating exp and levels while Hiccups exclusively applies bonuses on defeating bosses, the bonuses wont stack too much and make the player too strong too quickly!

    The two really seem to be VERY compatible.

    If you go down a route to keep both mods compatible, i would change the ninja class for a Thrower class since its a more general name for Throwing weapons.

    Maybe also remove the additional movement speed and dodge rate and make another class around mobility? Otherwise, the number of bonuses would outweight the bonuses of the other classes... The others have 4 and Ninja has 6!

    I see a lot of potential growth in the npc and quest department and cant wait to see it expand in the futurem
  17. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    It works for me. Bye the way, it's not /WipeClear it's /WipeClean
    If the command got executed then there will be a message.

    I wanted to make the ninja so strong, because throwing items are usually pretty weak.
    So i focused the ninja on being partly an allrounder too.

    If you guys think that any stat in this mod is too op or too weak, like i said i wanna make this mod customisable, so i'll also add commands to help weighten out the stats.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
  18. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    I forgot to mention, you will get a damage bonus for all weapons regarding of your class, the damage bonus of your class is just stronger.
  19. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    I suppose i should ask first, but do you wish us to post ideas for npcs and possible quests?
  20. Ivysaur

    Ivysaur Official Terrarian

    I won't hold anyone back.