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Skeletron Prime
Ok ill stop


no stop i must stop
[doublepost=1538930436,1538930420][/doublepost]Im sry guys ill actually stop
[doublepost=1538930527][/doublepost]And im sry izzabelle
[doublepost=1538930545][/doublepost]For stuff irl stuff


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its been a while huh

will the raindrop icon come out with the tides? im curious since theyre both at around the same completion percent + both look to be water based?


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YIPPE A NEW ONES COMING OUT SOON! But im hyped about the castle, and if a boss replaces skeletron, maybe a skeletal dragon?


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All of these alternate biome/event concepts are so amazing and cool!! I just spent a couple of hours going through each of the released threads! :D
So many interesting ideas, beautiful sprites and creative content! I am absolutely in love with this work ♥

Though it makes me a bit sad to see the lack of any activity in more than a year ; v ;
My god someone should make all this into a mod!
Izzabelle has specifically stated that these will not be made into a mod at the very least until they are done, and possibly not at all, so this will not be happening soon, if ever.
- No; no one has permission to use my sprites/assets
- No; no one has permission to use my alternates in a mod
- When I am done making my alts, I will consider giving my permission to have them included in mods
- IF I decide to let my alts be added to a mod, *I* will choose the modder(s) who *I* want to make the mod


Just discovered these alts now, and I must say these are amazing! The amount of detail that goes into each and every biome is astounding. I love the fact you really didn't forget a single thing, from liquids to plants to critters. Bravo!
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