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Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

Discussion in 'Portfolios/Multi-Topic' started by Izzabelle, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Redknight910

    Redknight910 Official Terrarian

    Nice update on what to expect in the future. So, the necropolis, would I be correct assuming whatever it's made of is corruptable/purifiable? I can't wait to see what these three new biomes are like.
  2. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    This sounds pretty awesome. I can't wait to see how all these new suggestions work out!
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  3. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Yes. The Necropolis -- or at least parts of it, will be susceptible to the influence of Corruption and Hallow biomes.
  4. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight Spazmatism

    You should really find someone dedicated to coding this stuff in...it looks really great! I'd hate to see all your hard work go to waste...:pumpking:
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  5. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    I've already gotten a lot of offers to include my work into mods. But I'm not ready to commit to mods just yet.
  6. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight Spazmatism

    Aww. But that's all up to you :D ;)
  7. that homie

    that homie Golem

    Congratulations. You've excited me to the point of checking every two hours for these things. :D
    Izzabelle likes this.
  8. Redknight910

    Redknight910 Official Terrarian

    I'm now checking twice a day now that we're hopefully getting close to release for the next three.

    Does it say something that I'm getting as hyped about these as I do for actual games?
  9. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Well it's been quite a week.

    I am glad I decided to leave the release of the Tropics and new biome alts open ended, because I would have never of been able to account for the events of this week regarding life. I won't share the details, but suffice it to say; it's been a bad bad bad week.

    Not too much has been done in regards to the formatting/release of the new biomes. The good news though -- is there seems to be a few openings in my schedule this week that should allow for adequate time to post these alts.

    Very excited to finally post these and let the public have at them. I might post a few spoilers while we wind down to the final days.

    And of course, because I can't predict the future -- I reserve the right to delay their release pending life lol.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
  10. Redknight910

    Redknight910 Official Terrarian

    I hope life hasn't been too hard on you, and can't wait to finally see the fabled Tropics, and the other, as yet unnamed, two.
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  11. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Take this cautiously, as nothing is certain... but it looks like these 3 will be posted and up for view tomorrow night. Maybe. It's a possibility.

  12. Blockaroz

    Blockaroz Terrarian

    I just realized that if the Tropics doesn't contain an alternate Queen bee nest (although it fits nicely) or Lihzahrd Dungeon, (Which also still fits) Those two extra sigils could be the alternates. Or they could be extensions for them.
  13. Redknight910

    Redknight910 Official Terrarian

    That actually sounds quite reasonable.
  14. 5raptorboy

    5raptorboy Terrarian

    Izzabelle did say that the third picture (while black and white) was the tropics.
  15. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist



    Is The Tropics... technically.
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  16. Tastypastry

    Tastypastry Plantera

    Oh my god. Revelation. I know exactly what the end of days will be like.
  17. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    I think it's easy to surmise the surface of the End of Days. It's not exactly groundbreaking...

    But I do have a few twists for it. Mwahahahahahahaha :dryadnaughty:
    Bishop Blood likes this.
  18. Tastypastry

    Tastypastry Plantera

    But. There are four pillars. And four horsemen.
  19. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Like I said. Surface details. There's a small twist in how it's all handled.
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  20. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Small Update

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is all on the cusp of being posted now. It could be posted today, tomorrow, or the next. IDK exactly when. My free time as of late has been very fleeting. I need 1 more good chunk of free time to make the final push and see everything posted. But don't fret, friends! We're almost there!