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Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates


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Nice update on what to expect in the future. So, the necropolis, would I be correct assuming whatever it's made of is corruptable/purifiable? I can't wait to see what these three new biomes are like.


Lunatic Cultist
Nice update on what to expect in the future. So, the necropolis, would I be correct assuming whatever it's made of is corruptable/purifiable? I can't wait to see what these three new biomes are like.
Yes. The Necropolis -- or at least parts of it, will be susceptible to the influence of Corruption and Hallow biomes.


Update: Foreseeable Schedule

Good News & Bad News!

Good News: These 3 alternates are complete! There are a few minor passes to be done on sprites as they come up, but the sprite work has been completed as much as is needed for each of the suggestions. They will all be posted at the same time, at which point the 2 newer alts will be revealed.

Bad News: My schedule doesn't look to good for the next few days -- and it doesn't show any signs of clearing soon. I have no solid date for when these 3 will actually be posted, because I just don't have the free time to sit down and format them correctly. What I'll be attempting is formatting them a little each night, saving the draft (both to the forums and to my desktop), and hopefully I can get them posted in a timely fashion. My earliest estimate of their arrival would be late next week (Thur-Sun maybe) or later pending life.

The Tropics is a massive alt. It may be 2-3x the size of the Infestation. So it's going to take quite a bit more time to format it than normal. And it already takes me a while normally. But I'm 100% certain it will be worth the wait. Thanks for your patience guys!

The River will be next in line to receive attention. It's getting a complete pass over. I'll be redoing almost all of the sprites, reformatting the tables and sections, adding some new content, and tweaking some of the numbers. It sounds like a recreation of a massive biome project -- but it's actually not as much work as it sounds since the concept and content have already been thought out, and the formatting structure already exists. The goal will be to shift The River a little more toward Greek mythology and reflect my current standards for formatting.

I'll do my best to avoid actually changing outright too much of the content, since I know The River is a favorite among forum goers. But it desperately needs a facelift now that my spriting has improved.

What I could use from you guys regarding this update is to notify me of any additional content added to The Underworld via 1.3+ that I need to account for. I think that would streamline the process quite a bit. You can post anything you know of here, in The River thread, or send me a PM.

Slowly but surely, updates to The Necropolis are now happening. I don't actually expect the Necropolis to take as long as nearly any of the other alternates because of how little content exists for the Desert by comparison. It will be a welcome reprieve to work on something smaller than an alt Corruption, Underworld, or Jungle.

I've been eager to jump into the Necropolis for quite some time now -- but I wanted to makes sure 1.3.3 was released so I didn't have to go back and edit the biome later. We good now though! Now is the time to begin speculating what the Necropolis has in store -- I'll answer any questions I can regarding the Necropolis. Keep in mind, I don't want to spoil too much, so I may just outright refuse to reveal some info about it.

Once The River has received it's much needed update -- the next sore spot in the list is the Fallen Isles. The Fallen Isles was a slightly ambitious, but naive take on an Expanded/Alternate Floating Island. The update regarding the Fallen Isles will see a cut in content to bring it more in line with current alternates. It will no longer be an expansion of the Floating Island biomes until such time that Dev team sees fit to expand upon the biome themselves first.

Additionally, like The River, Fallen Isles will be resprited and reformatted to bring everything in line with my current standards.

The Infestation, The Whimsy, and The Glade -- all need a few touch ups here and there. Nothing major. For the most part, these 3 represent the pinnacle of my standards for formatting and spriting. There's just a few tweaks I'd like to make.

The Infestation will be getting a small concept image for it's biome generation, 1 or 2 missing items, and a few very minor sprite tweaks.

The Whimsy will be getting the largest portion of attention regarding this minor touch up. A lot of Whimsy sprites will be updated slightly to bring everything more in line with it's fellow alternates.

The Glade will only be seeing the addition of a few missing items.

And that should round out all 3 of these biomes to 100% completion not to be touched again unless the base biomes they're based upon change. I may or may not work on these 3 while working on everything else. The changes are so minor that I honestly could easily dedicate a little time between any project to fix them up. But should I decide to focus on the other projects, the 3 will be the focus after Fallen Isles.

So lastly; I wanted to talk about the End of Days. Who's Sigil I will now reveal! Ta-da!

End of Days is an alternate Lunar Event and it will be the last-ish alternate I work on. Which is to say, I am intentionally putting it off until other listed biomes have been completed -- but other alternates may come after it if I feel they are appropriate or warranted. Please note; this doesn't mean that the list of alternates you see if a final list. New alternates can be introduced at any time -- which would ultimately push back the reveal for End of Days. So it's release will ultimately be in a state of flux.

However, given the nature of the End of Days -- I've decided to do something special for it.

After each (or some) alternate(s), End of Days will see a little bit of development. And as a bonus; I'll be providing some special teasers made specially for the End of Days. These teasers will delve into the "lore" of the End of Days to give it some context and hopefully give you some entertainment

End of Days will feature an alternate to the Lunatic Cultist, Pillars, and Moonlord -- and will of course feature new crafting materials and ultimate armors and weapons. I'm really excited for us to get to it!


Thank you again to everyone who supports these suggestions and thank you especially if you've felt that their Sigils deserved a place in your signatures! It means a lot to me and I am glad for your patience as I try to crank out even more content for all of you to enjoy.

If you have any questions about the alternates or this newest schedule; please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading!
You should really find someone dedicated to coding this stuff in...it looks really great! I'd hate to see all your hard work go to waste...:pumpking:


Lunatic Cultist
You should really find someone dedicated to coding this stuff in...it looks really great! I'd hate to see all your hard work go to waste...:pumpking:
I've already gotten a lot of offers to include my work into mods. But I'm not ready to commit to mods just yet.


Official Terrarian
I'm now checking twice a day now that we're hopefully getting close to release for the next three.

Does it say something that I'm getting as hyped about these as I do for actual games?


Lunatic Cultist

Well it's been quite a week.

I am glad I decided to leave the release of the Tropics and new biome alts open ended, because I would have never of been able to account for the events of this week regarding life. I won't share the details, but suffice it to say; it's been a bad bad bad week.

Not too much has been done in regards to the formatting/release of the new biomes. The good news though -- is there seems to be a few openings in my schedule this week that should allow for adequate time to post these alts.

Very excited to finally post these and let the public have at them. I might post a few spoilers while we wind down to the final days.

And of course, because I can't predict the future -- I reserve the right to delay their release pending life lol.
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Small Update

This is all on the cusp of being posted now. It could be posted today, tomorrow, or the next. IDK exactly when. My free time as of late has been very fleeting. I need 1 more good chunk of free time to make the final push and see everything posted. But don't fret, friends! We're almost there!

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