Jellyfish necklace should be hugely buffed


The Destroyer
Due to magiluminescence, the jellyfish necklace is entirely obsolete, being harder to obtain and having less use, so I would recommend some possible changes, like adding increased mobility in water, and/or more underwater breathing, similar to the diving helmet to make it better.


Official Terrarian
jellyfish necklace is still a component in arctic diving gear crafting line though.


Official Terrarian
Yeah, but besides that, it has no use.
The thing is, it clearly wasn't meant to be used as a standalone item, but to be combined into Jellyfish Diving Gear and later on into Arctic Diving Gear. Jellyfish Diving Gear is basically a Jellyfish Necklace that also give water mobility and more breathing like what you previously suggested.

true it should help you find more crates when fishing
I think this is actually a more appropriate buff. Especially if it also remains in Jellyfish Diving Gear and Arctic Diving Gear.
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